Artificial Intelligence

The age of Machine Learning is here.  It is omnipresent. From Netflix’s movie suggestions to Amazon’s personalized recommendation and Facebook’s photo-tagging feature, Machine Learning is all around us.

Why is Machine Learning in rage?

Machine Learning is helping companies make insightful decisions. It is helping companies set the foundation right. Companies can create high-impact business solutions by solving relevant business problems and asking all the right questions. It all depends on having the right data. Laced with data, organisations can get a deeper insight at the minutest level.

How can you harness the power of Machine Learning?

Machine Learning can help you deliver the right amount of business impact by exploring business opportunities. It can help you wade through piles of voluminous data with ease. It can speeden up any process that requires piling through large chunks of data. Here are a few ways in which Machine Learning will come in handy.

Personalised recommendations:

Machine Learning can offer personalised recommendations of products and services based on previous behaviour of the user. This can translate to a movie, song, show, hotels, destinations, shopping and other recommendations. It is also beneficial for users who don’t have to go through an exhaustive list of items to find things that they like.


Machine Learning can add a sense of predictability to the future. With Machine Learning, you can have the solutions to the problems like would someone read the article if it was framed as a listicle or would someone be the target audience for a product. It can be a handy prediction tool that can forecast the sales from historic data of the previous years by taking in the factors like season, inventory, supply and demand.

Mimicking humans:

Machine Learning can help the make machines and interfaces be more human. By interpreting and processing the large amount of data, virtual assistants and machines can become more human in their approaches. Quite like the video shown by Google in Google I/O where a virtual assistant booked a haircut appointment in a salon over a phone call, Machine Learning will soon let these devices operate complex tasks with ease.

Anomaly Detection:

Machine Learning is a great tool for pattern recognition. It can be used in flagging anomalies by recognising the systematic patterns in all walks of life. Its applications are myriad.

Improving customer experience:

Machine Learning can be used in conjunction with facial recognition algorithms. It can help in improving customer experience by leaps and bounds. It could help in using the right reaction based on the the need of the hour.

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