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Bangalore: Garden City or Design Capital?


Is Bangalore an upcoming Design Hub?

The question “if creativity has anything to do with the city one lives in” may sound like trying to match two things that
are poles apart. But we think that it’s not so unlikely. Definitely, a vibrant city with a lively community that mixes
art, culture, fashion, tech, film into the lifestyle of its people goes a really long way in recharging creative batteries. Well, if you are a designer, you know how the right city can spark a daily dose of inspiration into your veins.

Now, that’s with designers, but what about the city? Design capitals across the world have had all the charm and beauty that brings creative heads and buyers together in a unique environment. With that being said, does the bustling city of Bangalore with an unapologetic cosmopolitan population qualify to take the title of a design capital? Absolutely Yes! The World Design Organization (WDO)®announced Bangalore as one of two cities shortlisted for the title of World Design Capital of 2022. The other contesting city for the same title is Valencia (Spain). It is interesting to note that Bangalore is the first of the cities from India to have made it to the ranks of Design Capitals. Some of the earlier cities include Mexico, Cape Town, Lille Metropole etc.

The World Design Organization picks up the best of cities looking at how they utilise design in urban planning, launching design events with the active participation of a design community in bettering the lives of its inhabitants. In that respect, Bangalore won praises for solving some of the local challenges with design. In fact, this cannot be more true. This is a city with design communities that welcome everyone by extending their time, energy and expertise. And true evidence of this is the rise of tech scene with a number of startups holding regular events and workshops to boost the design forefront. Such initiatives in Bangalore have always driven the passion for creativity forming some really tight-knit design organizations.

So, unlike the first picture of Bangalore with buildings standing tall with all their might, the city has an underlying ethos in its attitude that mixes design for the well being of its people. Why put your desires on hold, when you can head to Bangalore – your ultimate Design Capital.

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