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How Augmented Reality Works

Augmented Reality

Get wedged into the exhilarating world of AR

Have you ever sat under an apple tree and pondered about “what is the purpose of Augmented Reality in the world?” To be very precise, we are on the edge of evolution and disruption. Since the 1920s, scientists have been predicting the doom of mankind and humanity with machines. Sci-fi novels speaking about the dystopian future with the arrival of machines like “1984” became a trend among folks in the 1940s. But, as feared, did the machines overtake the world? Not really. They had collided with the pace of this universe. Not just that, they went on to reduce the workload and strain that had burdened mankind for centuries altogether. They went on to induce the creative sense within us. Wait? When we are speaking about creativity, you might ask, “Are you speaking about AR/VR technology?” Yes, we are. They are modulating the way you visualize stuff. You do not have to allocate costly budgets, schedule long trips and get burned out in the process. All you need to do is get yourself accustomed to the magic Augmented Reality app development brings in front of your eyes. The future of augmented reality is, of course, shining brightly.

The Geeky technology behind AR

Are you aware of how augmented reality works? Augmented Reality works in a rather sophisticated manner when compared to other technologies to serve its purpose in various business verticals.
how augmented reality works Augmented Reality technology can work with The Augmented Reality technology can work using three approaches namely Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), Location-Based and Recognition Based. For the purpose of projection and processing, AR hardware and devices, consists of many requirements like cameras, sensors, accelerometer, digital compass, gyroscope, CPU and other things. Augmented reality involves the manipulation of computer-generated video with videos you capture directly from the computer.  The CGI objects would find a definite location in this world. The work happens across a few modules when the camera is streaming the real-world footage to the graphics and the display algorithm. Do you have a conundrum about why augmented reality is the future or How does augmented reality work on mobile? Because it holds all it takes to build a more customized and interest-provoking user experience. If you are into Augmented reality, you would know the benefits it possesses in various domains. It is going to revolutionize the way you have been working. Technology-wise, it also possesses a huge scope in helping people visualize what they are going to learn.

How does Augmented Reality work on the business front?

AR has found its indomitable applications in various industries. It brims brighter with its huge scope to upscale any product and matches the requirements of the people. It’s important to know what augmented reality is and how it works. Let’s see how it can kickstart a new age of product marketing and development:

Education industry- Learn it like a pro!

Alas! We remember those days when we had to rely on the storytelling skills of our teachers to imagine how an elephant would trumpet and a lion would roar. What if each and every chapter we learn are practically approached instead of depending on theoretical methodologies? how augmented reality worksThis answers to the million-dollar question- “What is the purpose of Augmented Reality in the education industry?” Augmented Reality can do this. Spanning from a Grade 1 kid to a Medical student, anybody can get a visual tone and structure on the subject they are putting their hearts into. In rural areas, the cost of education and books are expensive. With the availability of AR and an Internet connection (Now everybody has at least a 2G or 3G connection if not 4G), you can offer a replenishing learning experience for the students. The fact that 73% of teenagers have access to mobile phones is important to note when it comes to AR replacing physical models and textbooks. So, what’s next? No more heavy school bags or a pile of textbooks to read on! You have got an opportunity to enjoy what you learn and learn what you enjoy with AR. Children are going to get accustomed to a new age of learning and collaborating with this creativity-developing technology.

Film industry- Delve deeper into your favorite star’s movie!

Wondering why augmented reality is the future of the film industry? There are ‘n’ a number of AR applications in the film industry. The cost movies spend on hoardings, movie posters, and trailers is mind-numbing! Film industry professionals have to work day and night to promote their movies. To stop bulging the pockets of the producers, they can let people visiting the mall scan the QR code. Once they scan it, the trailer of the movie will open on their mobile phones. If they connect it to Cloud, the trailer could change with more creative sneak peeks on the movie involving behind-the-screen videos and trivia regarding the movie. This is also going to increase the curiosity among the audience on what the movie is all about.

Automobile industry- Drive fearlessly! (Give image here)

Do you know the best answer to how AR technology works in hill stations? Nobody wants to get stuck up in a hill station where there is no service center nearby. Imagine you are traveling with your peers to a tacky village near Ooty. Your engine starts fuming. You are clueless about what you should be doing next other than cursing your bad luck and panicking. That would not mark a happy journey, putting the brand reputation in hot water. To avoid this, companies can present their users with an AR user manual. When they take a picture of the engine and scan the QR code, they can get the complete instructions for the car. Users would get automated instructions on how to fix their cars by themselves. This would save both parties from hard feelings and give a better brand appeal to the audience. In 2018, Tesla got a patent for an AR-based system to automate the setup of its model, calibration, configuration, as well as quality checkups. Such applications have been met with warm hands and minds by the people. Many companies like Nissan, Ford, and BMW have put their best foot forward while dealing with the applications of Augmented Reality (AR). This field is yet to advance in that sense.

Food industry- Visualize those yummy snacks!

Ever been to a restaurant and got tempted to look at a new name? Well, that happens to most of us. Sometimes, we tend to choose the wrong dish being oblivious to what it actually contains. Hence restaurants can enable an AR app to present their mouth-watering dishes to their visitors. They can explain each and every dish, what ingredients are added, and who the chef is. This would give your audience an insight into what to choose and which is your specialty. With AR labels, food brands would be able to increase brand visibility and allow customers to differentiate between various brands.

Retail industry- Buy it the way you like it!

Whenever your customer is skeptical about choosing a particular model or determining if it will choose them or not, they can go on for an AR App provided by the retailer showing them an image of low-tech would look when they wear a particular dress. This can again be accomplished with the aid of a Scanner and your mobile camera. This would fit any retail sellers who want to sell their products across the global market. They can work wonders with an AR App. Do you know that 35% of Amazon’s recommendations on machine learning and data science are to deliver proper search results and let advertisers match them with their customers? There is a huge commercial scope when we combine the world wide web and the real world. When you pair the profiles of your customers with ML and AR, every retailer can identify the needs of the customers on the basis of their environments and recommend the matching products.

Civil engineering- Get to know how your building looks!

Let’s say you want to open an office in Hyderabad but you are located in Bangalore. You have joined hands with a construction company to accomplish it. You get the sitemap of the location from your engineer. To visit the exact location, you might need to spend more than usual. To avoid such complications, you can use the AR app that your construction company provides you with to view the 3-D model. That would let you get a clear idea of how your building will look when it is finished. You can chunk down your travel costs and save plenty of time. This application would provide you with a better user experience and reduce more errors in the upcoming times. Features such as 3-D architectural walkthroughs are quite useful for both the client side and the business.

Healthcare industry- Care more with AR!

When a patient is bedridden, they might need care 24×7. During any emergency, you would not need to depend on a nurse if you are using an AR App. You can get the basic amendments done augmented reality works This can be lifesaving at times! Medical students can get a clear understanding of what they are learning. Instead of depending on YouTube, they get a more authorized and practical approach during their learning phase. This is the factor leading them to earn a name among the best doctors in the world.AccuVein is the best example of AR used by hospitals to look through the patient’s vein map on the skin. If healthcare professionals are having difficulty finding a particular vein for the first time, then this tool would be the go-to option for them. Many startups like EchoPixel and MedicalRealities are working towards bringing a change in the healthcare industry through Augmented Reality. They are having high hopes to revolutionize the medical industry with the exposure Augmented Reality can provide them with. Medical students would also get more observant while learning about different topics. That would help them to save more lives and care for more people even in rural areas.

To sum up the future of Augmented Reality

You might have found your answer to these questions- “Augmented reality how it works?” and “Why augmented reality is the future?” after going through our blog. Augmented Reality can drive a whole new experience and bring a change in the lifestyle of the people. It could be tweaking the learning experience in the Education industry or letting you drive safely in the automobile industry or customizing your purchase options in the Retail industry, Augmented Reality can let you work wonders. Civil engineers can help people chunk down traveling costs by presenting them with a live model. Healthcare industry professionals can pave the way for better medical care for their patients. Augmented reality has all the parameters to fulfill the expectations of the people. Hence it would always be a wise choice to take the short route using Augmented reality rather than depending on more manually enforced

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