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Product or service- What’s going to bring that killer change?

“Do you prefer a product development company or service-based company?” This is the most common question that you would come across when you are a part of the corporate industry. If you are a product guy (or techie guys in other words), you can relate to all the memes, creatives, web series, podcasts and everything that has showcased your lifestyle as someone who loves to bring the butter out of the bread.

A product guy is someone who can bring out the best out of the products. He can sell any product within no time by his intuitive design and collaborative approach. There is widespread confusion between people on what a product guy does. They are often confused with employees at service-based companies. What’s the difference between the product and service-based company? There is a mild line between product guys who go beyond their way to fix the stuff and a service guy who works with a number of clients and a perfect multitasker.

Being a product-oriented person comes across a number of career perks. But they are often the most misunderstood people in the industry.

Whenever you are working with product-based companies, you need to know WHY you are working over there and what scope it holds for your future. What product you are building also speaks volumes about what you can expect from the company. Your product should not be one among that rookie one which has no scope in the market. If you get to work with such product companies, Man! That’s the catch! You have got to join over there. That’s the major contrast or difference between the product and service-based company. The product development company should remember this.

These are the reasons why you need to join the product based companies:

Play around with the latest trends and technologies

You are all set to work along with the industry’s best arrivals in terms of technologies. It is going to be extremely easy for you to adapt to various tech trends. When you are a part of the product crowd, latest trends and technologiesyou get to work on a variety of top technologies. You are not going to stagnate anywhere. Let’s say you are working on a food chain app. You get to learn all the basic frameworks, algorithms, programming languages and tools that have been a part of the market. You get an opportunity to be an all-rounder in various technologies. With the approaching years, your business decision-makers are going to involve tech purchases by 38% of the CEOs, 28% of the finance people, 6% of the legal people, 27% of the COO and so on. When you work at product-based companies like Pattem Digital, you are going to find it extremely useful in the later stage of your career. You will be occupied with the best technologies in the market when you join hands with product-based companies to work. When product-based companies like Pattem Digital are going to support you, you are going to find it extremely simple to work on. It is going to challenge all your skill sets from learning, emphasizing being patient, but at the end of the day, it is all going to be worth it with your product development company.

Work with the best mentors

As a part of the product and software development company, you get an opportunity to work as a team, rather than as a lone wolf. You have a number of mentors who can understand your perspective, strength, and weaknesses and guide you on with the best technologies. You are going to face the heat of the market at any point in time. These mentors are going to stand by your side and help you sail over in the most professional manner. 92% of small business owners are going to agree that your mentor would possess a direct growth impact. This is also going to act as the pillar for your business survival in the future. So if you are someone who wants to create your own product and business, then working with the right mentors is going to do the magic for you.

Figure out the right business strategies

Instead of working under a service-based company, if you are going to be a part of product-based companies, you do have the scope to explore further, apart from your coding environment. business strategiesYou get to work with business strategies, understand their mindset, get to know what user experience (UX) is all about and do much more. It is going to be a non-stop fodder for your learning curve. Do you know that 69 per cent of customers would expect their brand innovation to improve their society? When you are able to find the right strategies for your business, you can set it up in the best ever manner possible. Any product based company would be able to support you in the best way possible when you want to learn more about how businesses work. With the best strategies in hand, you can skyrocket your growth in such a way that it fits the market. Building the right strategies will always be on the foray of your concentration. Your strategies should fit as per the market standards. You can accomplish it only when you are working on various projects together. Without understanding the market condition and strategizing everything, it is going to become harder.

Get to work anywhere in the world

Are you a well-known wanderlust? Working with a product based company is going to allow you to travel across the world. Do you need wings to fly? Well, your product or software development company can give that to you. You get to visit different locations, attend seminars, conferences and meetups to understand what has been the industry trends. This would allow you to get the best job opportunities across the world. The best way to spread your brand is by working elsewhere across the world. To establish yourself as a product person, you need to have a wide variety of knowledge. It should not stop anywhere. This is going to allow you to streamline your work and establish yourself as a better product person.

Learn a lot more than you always did

You would not get the learning opportunity anywhere like in a product based company. Everything is going to be extremely competitive and tough over here. With toughness, you grow, and you Outsourced Product Development company become robust. At Product based companies, you would constantly have the scope to learn and grow eventually. It is going to be a continuous process. Not all products are going to be successful altogether. Every product development company would know this. The consumer goods state that nearly 85 percent of products available in the market newly would fail. Scary, right? You needn’t feel so. Every product is going to place itself in the market in a better way if there are people who never give up and work on the right strategies. You are going to be the part of that crowd. Learning from your mistakes would help you grow and thrive. That is where you get the scope from the product based companies. You need to learn and understand the technologies and what you have to do in a better way. You are going to have a great learning experience when you are a part of the product-based company.

Get to know the start-up culture

If you are a part of the startup culture and belonging to the product development company, you get to learn everything, from time management to the way you organize your things. It is going to make you into a strong personality. When you do your work with satisfaction, you are going to benefit a lot.

Being a part of Pattem Digital, you are going to find it extremely inquisitive. There would be times when you have to put your maximum efforts and get the best results.

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