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While we’re surrounded by utilitarian apps that serve their purpose, we will see a lot of emerging trends in app development that will take 2018 by storm. Using augmented and better technologies, we’re expecting a great advancement in the world of apps. Here are the 4 mobile app trends that will shape the year ahead.

Internet of Things

The commotion around IoT has been revolving around automation and how it will herald the robotic age. IoT will help us harness technology and collect data to serve our daily needs more efficiently. IoT applications are finding us in our daily lives more frequently with each passing day. From logistics to banking and manufacturing, the use of IoT has been indicative of a bright future ahead for all of us.

Car Infotainment Solutions

We all love cars. But what if your next car could be more than just a set of tyres, seats, and steering wheels? Imagine owning a car that speaks back to you, understands your mood, and automatically suggest songs according to your mood at that time. A lot will change under the hood of the car infotainment systems that’re majorly found in the cars today. Drive assist features like Android Auto, Automate, and Drivemode that help the drivers navigate through jampacked traffic using real-time updates, help you find shortcuts, show you point of interests that are based on your preferences, etc. are slowly finding mainstream popularity. They come with voice-based control so that you can use them hands-free while on the move.

Blockchain solutions

Blockchain technology is no longer an alien concept. You no longer have the aura of having dedicated resources and tools that you need to have in order to work on blockchain. Blockchain is going to revolutionize the future with the distributed public ledger for a peer-to-peer transactions. The whole world is waking up to the payments revolution introduced by blockchain. Many of blockchain-centred apps are already available on the Play and App store. Expect a significant jump in the way blockchain will find itself in our lives.

Instant apps for low storage:

It’s hard to imagine that we are still classifying phone models based on their storage they offer. 128GB and 256GB phone variants are no longer going to be enough to store all our information, media files, and applications. Make way for instant apps that are progressive and provide you the same functionality of regular apps in a temporary setup. Installing them is a breeze and they don’t compromise on the interface. Instant apps will soon make waty into low-end smartphones and offer low cost and less hardware-intensive mobile phones in the hand of the masses.

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