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Why build the best Mobile banking apps of primary importance?

Building a robust banking app is of utmost importance since, in India itself, the number of mobile users has exceeded 500 million. Nobody would prefer standing in long queues, especially in this busy schedule, where time is equivalent to money. Building the right banking apps has got a lot to do with being suave about your customer experience. The problem that businesses face with Mobile banking apps is they do not suffice when they have to make urgent transactions. Nobody wants to attend a class when they want to use the Mobile banking apps. It should be easy, simple and extremely beginner-friendly. If you want to build the best apps, you need the right team support.

Indulge personalized processes

Your banking app should be in a more personalized manner rather than being ready-made for all the users. It should take into consideration the regional aspects, language, and nationality of the app users.Banking solutions That would let you build apps that your local customers would feel delighted to relate with. It is a famous statistic that around 59% of your customer’s shopping decisions are influenced by personalization. If that is the case, you need to ensure that your banking app tends to cater to all the requirements of the user. Your system should be capable of accommodating your audience in a more personalized manner. They should be the right choice for any kind of audience who wants to start out using your app. Your app should be of utmost use to them. It should let you make the right business decisions without any delay. Equivalent to building personalized apps is building transparent apps. Your app should not be aligned with a lot of unnecessary features and any third-party involvement. This is important to gain the trust of your audience while they set forth using your app. Your app should be extremely user-savvy. This would let you build a prominent place for your brand in their life.

Include a transparent system

Among the corporate companies, many factors like transparency, proper communication, news sharing, leaving the doors open and not hiding anything from the employees play a huge role in determining the transparency level of the system. The same goes for banking apps. Your banking apps should not incorporate any hidden fees, processes or unreliable methodologies. The practice should be more crystal clear. The customer should feel confident that their data is in safe hands. It is always vital for your banking apps to let customers feel at ease.

Enable Self-service

Self-service has been the buzzword in recent days for the right reason. You should never require any Udemy tutorial to use any app. All you need to do is make use of the simple processes and get the best out of the app.Personalised Banking solutions That would let you build a reliable and more simplified solution. There is a statistic proving that nearly 91% of the app users would prefer using the right knowledge base when they want their app needs to be met. They would want to take advantage of the simplified processes and find answers to the query by themselves rather than expecting help from others. The companies should put the best practices available in the industry to let the customers enjoy the maximum benefit. This would ensure that we are always on the right track. Your app should not be that difficult for your audience to use. It should consist of a number of features that your audience can rely upon. When you build your banking app, it should be more self-service oriented rather than being more customer-tiring. Your app should not be extremely difficult to use for your user. It should be as simple as a breeze.

Use the mobile-first approach

Being mobile-first is extremely important when you are going to build solutions that would cater well to the millennials. According to Think with Google, 78% of teenagers prefer smartphones compared to any other electronic gadget like television, laptop, tablet and gaming console. You should remember this since, in the not-so-far future, Millenials are going to use your mobile app more. Your app should be friendly and easy-to-use since not many Millenials are going to be aware of what it takes when they visit their nearby branch to complete their processes. They are going to complete the majority of the processes through the financial service apps itself.

Give better appeal

Your mobile app should be a delight to use. It should not be just another app that is plain and complicated, like life sometimes. It should be more pleasing to use. The eye-candy effect is going to make your mobile app a favourite among the user. The colourful graphics, the intuitive interface, and the color combination would make your app more memorable compared to other apps. Since many users would be opting for banking apps in the future, you should prefer choosing the right graphic designer to handle all the aesthetic requirements of your fintech apps.

Prioritize on reminders and notifications

Not everyone would be conscious of what tasks they have to accomplish. People might even require constant updates, notifications and reminders on what they have to do. Receiving information on reminders, promotions and notifications about the non-payments, financial plans, transfers and pending fee would help your users take the right action at the right time.

These are some of the features that the app user requires in recent days:

  • Face-to-face chat and video advice on any personal loan
  • Transfers from card-to-card
  • Information on International and domestic transfers
  • Top up from other bank cards
  • Clear fee after the transfer is completed

It should be simple-to-use

We live in an era where we prefer everything to be simple, concise and to-the-point. We do not want any fluff or bluff in the process. Remember that 21% of Millennials are going to open a mobile app Design Experience Banking solutions more than 50 times in a day. Nearly 49% of people would be opening an app about 11 times a day. About 57% of digital media usage is going to emerge from your mobile apps. On average, every smartphone user would be owing around 30 apps in a month. If they are not going to find the app useful or if they found it complex, they are just going to uninstall it or cease from using it. Hence it is extremely important for you to build mobile apps that would cater to the mindset of the millennial audience. This is going to ensure that you are always on the right track of attracting the audience of the future. But you should not forget that even senior citizens would be using your smart app. When your app is simple, you can ensure that the right audience would tap your door. A simple app is a necessity at present since people do not want to bombard their mobile with complex apps. Hence you should focus on creating one in the near future.

What are the types of fintech apps?

The fintech apps can range between Mobile banking apps meant for bill payments, expense trackers and bill payments. There are also financial service apps that can deal with loans, stock trading and provide financial advice allowing your users to generate more profits in the stock market. The latest innovation in the fintech industry is bitcoin and blockchain with the integration of payment gateway.

Pattem Digital: Forging Exquisite Fintech Apps

As the number and popularity of FinTech apps continue to rise, the demand for high-quality apps is increasing. With Pattem Digital, you can implement the best strategies to develop top-notch FinTech apps. As a leading mobile app development company, our team will support you throughout the entire process, from documentation to maintenance, ensuring your app’s success. If you’re curious about our services or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you right from the start. Contact us today to get started on your FinTech app development journey.

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