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From Data to Decisions: Aligning B2B UX Research with Business Goals

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Systemizing the Overview of B2B UX Research

UX research, of course, we all know it’s a method or process of gathering all the insights about the audience’s behavior, needs, and pain points through an observation approach and sometimes a feedback process. But when we navigate into the B2B environs, B2B UX research is the process of focusing on understanding the needs, pain points, and behavior of the users of a particular product or service. This entire process involves gathering certain information about how businesses or companies interact with their products or services and identifying all the areas of improvement that can overall improve the user experience to drive more business growth and success. In B2B, the UX researchers start by conducting interviews, or surveys to understand the specific requirements and goals to meet the needs of users to achieve business goals and sustainable growth.

 b2b ux research

Also, these practices might help UX researchers to identify the pain points, if there are any so that they can improve the area of friction in user experience. UX researchers are nothing but the Marvel heroes who entirely understand their audience’s pain points collectively but do not use their superheroic power to unbreak this situation but use clipboards and post-it notes or sticky notes. In this blog, we are sharing some additional perceptivity about B2B user research followed by their best practices as well. Also, we have salted down the B2B UX research method and its application. But hold on, without dealing with the real-time use cases or examples, how can we end this blog, so it is hence we have demonstrated that as well in the last section of this blog. So with no more delay, let’s kick start this topic to understand more!

Exploring the Quest; What is B2B User Research?

Presently, UX research has played a vital role in designing digital families. Companies especially B2B are more oriented towards UX research to understand more about their product and how it might cater to their audience needs to meet their business goals and objectives. It is more like finding ways out what makes a business customer happy or sometimes frustrated when they interact with a service or product and then using all this information to improve their experience. Okay, if you still find it a bit difficult to understand then let’s deal with a simple and basic example here!

 b2b ux research

Imagine you are using a Google Calendar for all your daily needs and purposes, like scheduling a meeting or marking some important dates. But in the middle, you are finding difficulty in setting up the entire calendar, and this frustration might be related to UX research. As a User Researcher, these heroes swirl up and gather all the information that is related to the issue, understand the user’s pain point, and analyze the root causes for the above-mentioned difficulties. Once the problem is identified, these B2B user researchers work on these areas of friction to improve the overall user experience. Additionally, one basic method of UX research in B2B is conducting interviews or surveys with the key stakeholders within the business premises. Also, the major objective of any B2B UX research is to design and create a product that will help other businesses do their jobs better. When these certain businesses have tools that are easy to use and make work faster and smoother, everyone wins and is on the same plate!

Decoding the B2B Best Practices in UX Research

In every B2B solution, the UX research’s best practices are the most considerate solutions for all the products or services that B2B has to offer to other companies. The first and foremost is to understand the B2B user’s goals and expectations of the certain business that is being targeted. This will help any B2B to craft the research process and approach to make sure that the insights that have been gathered are very relevant and actionable. Besides, in any B2B setting, understand that the involvement of stakeholders will be involved in the purchasing decision. This helps any user researchers to make an informed decision to gain a comprehensive understanding of user needs and preferences.

 b2b ux research

Another best practice of B2B UX research is to use a combination method of both qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative methods are generally done by conducting interviews, usability testing, and observation, and on the other hand, quantitative methods are generally taken by analytics and data analysis methods to gather rich additional insights. Moreover, the qualitative methods are more directed towards providing in-depth understanding, and on the other side of the plate, the quantitative method offers wider trends and patterns of the research.

Besides, understand the specific tasks, goals, and workflow of every user within the business context. This might help any UX researcher to prioritize the features and the areas of improvement that will align with the user’s or the audience’s needs to enhance the user experience of the product or services. Another best practice that can be more considerable is to always observe users in their natural habitat to understand how they interact with the product in a real-life situation. This entirely provides a real-time insight into user behavior, pain points and expected needs that cannot be sufficed by any traditional research methods. In this generation currently, UX research finding is made in a more concise, clear, and compelling manner to address all the root causes for better user research that will drive more positive changes in product development.

Articulating the Depths of UX Research Methods in B2B Business

Let’s now move into the segment of understanding how these B2B companies use UX research methods and also let’s analyze the applications that are focused on understanding the needs, behavior, and pain points of all the businesses that offer products or services. The first method for any B2B UX research is to conduct an interview process which could be in the form of one-on-one or group interviews with certain stakeholders, which includes decision-makers, and users within the business industry. Another method is by survey that is conducted by gathering feedback from a larger sample of B2B users. Try implementing structured questions to filter out the opinions and preferences of the respective products or services.

Moreover, another best method is observational studies that can be performed by observing or analyzing the users to perform all the tasks that are related to the product or services in their natural habitual. This method helps in understanding how a user might want to interact with the product, understand the pain point, and to meet their expectations. Usability testing is another form of B2B solution in the UX research method where the B2B users are asked to participate in a certain usability testing session where they all can interact with the existing products. Try analyzing their behavior and respectively collect the feedback and identify the areas for improvement in terms of usability and user satisfaction. One more method is remote research practice that can be conducted by any B2B UX researcher remotely by using online tools and platforms to reach any B2B users across various locations.

Tapping Some Examples of UX Research Websites of B2B Companies

Want more exciting B2B companies that have the best UX on their website that effectively gain the attention of all the users; the first one is Zoom. Yes, you have read it right, Zoom is a platform that has the greatest elements with clearly defined value propositions. Along with it has got a CTA which is a call to action for seeking and captivating more attention which is slightly contrasted with a perfect neutral background.

Another example is the QuickBooks Persona Page for new businesses, which has a balanced white space so that all the visitors can be focused on the content and read the CTA’s that include the line spacing between the bulleted lists, body copy, etc. One more interesting thing about this UX website is that it has embedded the testimonials of the clients and other types of content that decrease the overall bounce rates.

Hootsuite’s Free trial page is another B2B UX research example that has a very clear call to action that leads all the visitors to try a free trial session. Furthermore, it has a more effective utilization of all the white spaces which helps readers to focus on the messages that appear in front of them and keep the entire website oriented in a value-proportional manner.

Posting the Summary of UX Research in B2B by Pattem Digital

Now let’s post our sticky note of conclusion as we see, that B2B UX research plays a significant role in understanding the basic needs and behavior of any B2B business, to shape their development process to drive more growth and success. Additionally, by understanding all the users’ and audiences’ pain points and implementing the best practices, and using various research methods, B2B companies can craft their products or services that completely align with their targeted users or audiences. Also, we have experienced some examples of B2B UX research websites like Xoom, QuickBooks, and Hootsuite, which have a user-centric approach to captivating and engaging users.

As we wrap up, it’s worth noting that Pattem Digital, a leading UX research company, has a commitment to delivering exceptional B2B UX solutions. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and client satisfaction, Pattem Digital combines expertise in UX research with innovative technology to create intuitive digital experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions
1How can B2B UX research benefit my business?

B2B UX research helps understand user needs and pain points, leading to tailored solutions that drive business growth and success.

2What are some best practices for conducting B2B UX research?

Best practices include understanding user goals, involving key stakeholders, and employing a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods.

3How does Pattem Digital approach B2B UX research and design?

Pattem Digital combines expertise in UX research with cutting-edge technology to deliver intuitive and impactful digital experiences tailored to B2B clients’ needs and goals.

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