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Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Workplace

Artificial Intelligence

The History and Future of AI: A Technological Paradigm Shift

Even though the term AI was coined as early as 1956, Artificial Intelligence development has started unleashing its full potential owing to the voluminous data, and advanced improvements in algorithms in computing and storage. In its budding days, Artificial intelligence future has found most of its application in symbolic methodologies and problem-solving.

Now, it plays a huge role in helping us make the right decision. Professionals have started involving more advanced practices nowadays with smart search systems and decision support systems to appreciate human abilities. This is going to lead to a massive outcome in the future in various fields including Healthcare, Education and Defence.

Simplifying and understanding the core of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence development is a subset of different technologies. It is a method by which we transfer our knowledge to the machines. When we say AI, it involves Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), IoT, Data Science among other technologies.AI is the superset of many technologies like ML and Deep learning combined together. Let Pattem Digital answer all your concerns regarding this technology. It is not a stand-alone technology or Application. We consider AI to be the simulated version of human intelligence processes by computer systems. Today, AI can “help” humans, rather than “taking over” humans.

It can learn, reason and self-correct. It does not possess that empathy, love and creativity. It would probably take decades to make AI capable of  Businesses are going forward with AI-induced models to personalize their products. Not only that, AI can automate repetitive processes, leaving a path for more creativity. Artificial intelligence development has got a lot more to do with redefining the future. It is of two types fundamentally: Weak AI, otherwise known as Narrow AI and Strong AI.

Narrow AI would only be capable of carrying out a particular set of tasks. It would be designed that way to act as human aides such as Personal assistants like Siri or Alexa, Smart IoT gadgets, self-driving cars, chess-playing computers, and anything that can support human activities. AI should also not be confused with hardware robotic automation processes. It can perform more frequent, computerized, responsive and high-volume tasks in a reliable manner without any restrictions.

Future of artificial intelligence possibilities are more. It is set to change the world in a way we never expected earlier. Let’s explore more!

Future of AI:

The future of AI evolution is not how George Orwell described the dystopian future in his novel 1984. We need not be terrified when we say, “Machines are watching”. Rather, they are watching how What is going to be the future of AI? How is our world going to change? Let Pattem Digital improvise our lives in the most productive manner in the coming age. They are not watching us to plunder our jobs and security. As we all know, the future of AI is exceptionally bright.

You would get a lot of insights when you are growing along with your team. Businesses would be all set to flourish, everybody can get to know insights without spending much and anybody can connect with each other in real time. This is all going to be possible with AI in the upcoming days. You are all set to experience real-time growth with AI. Today, the machines are learning hundreds of data before arriving at a final conclusion. It is time consuming.

Tomorrow, machines may act faster and smarter. They will be able to learn more quickly than at present times. For example, when we are ordering our favorite dishes through food delivery apps. In the near future, we would witness our personal assistants ordering food through mobile apps. This would happen sooner than we thought.

Retail Revolution: Unveiling Amazon Go’s Innovation

The best example to describe the wonders of Artificial Intelligence development in recent days would be Amazon Go, the “Just walk out” experience as Amazon calls it. It is a chain of convenience stores in the United States currently operated by the online retailer Amazon, with 18 new store locations. What role has Amazon Go played in the world of retailers? Let Pattem Digital take you down the lane.Wondering what’s the speciality here? These stores are automated partly backed up by a unique feature where customers can purchase products with no cashier present to check your bills.

It is a self check-out station where you have to download Amazon Go AI technology, log in with your Amazon account, enter the store, pick whatever you need (This will be added to your virtual cart) and when you leave, the system would sense that you are moving out.It will then estimate and automatically deduct the amount from your Amazon wallet, sending you a receipt as soon as it’s done.

So all you need to do is go to the shop, pick whatever you need and leave the shop. The machine will take care of the entire billing activities within a few seconds. No need to wait standing in long queues! No need for registers! No arguments with the cashier regarding the bill. Even if you want to drop any items, it will automatically subtract that amount from your bill.

No messy formalities anymore, saving more time and shopping effort! The inventory management system would make intelligent judgements based on your past purchases, if it gets confused on what you picked- a bottle of pickle or a bottle of wine. It would confirm that you have picked the bottle of wine based on your previous purchase history. Then, it would bill the item accordingly. Multiple sensors are available to improve your reliability and accuracy.

How Artificial Intelligence solutions helped Amazon Go?

The core AI-based technologies involved in Amazon Go are computer vision, deep learning and sensor fusion. The technology used here is quite similar to that of self-driving cars. When we get to know thatHow Amazon Go is going to shape up the world of retailers? Let Pattem Digital talk about these Artificial Intelligence solutions, computer vision is involved, we can understand that cameras are present to check and process the activities of the customers. This can be used to prevent any misuse or theft.

By leveraging the capability of multiple sensors, Amazon makes sure that customers pay only for what they pick up. When the system determines that an item is placed in an inventory location, along with image analysis technology, we can determine the weight of the item by the data received from the pressure sensor, scale and load cell. This idea received rave reviews from people who experienced the magic of Amazon Go in real-time.

It is yet to arrive in India and other Asian countries. We can expect similar stores to open at each and every corner of the world. Powered by AI, this could be one of the game-changing technologies in the upcoming days in the retail sector. The future of AI in retail could be magnified if this would be a huge success all over the world.

The rise of Python language

Ever since Python was introduced, there have been ‘n’ number of applications dependent on it. From web applications, game applications to 3D applications, Python is everywhere! It has now found a commonplace in Why do experts recommend Python for AI? Let's explore with Pattem Digital.Data Science and is widely used in IoT (especially with Raspberry Pie, the microcontroller we use predominantly for IoT). The Stack Overflow survey states that Python is the second most loved language.

It has acquired the place dominated by Java. It can also help a lot in Artificial Intelligence development. Python + AI = Huge technological uproar! This could be one of the best Artificial intelligence future possibilities since it saves time and draws a deep curve on our face while we relish on those yummy pancakes or mouthwatering pizza!

With the rise of Python, you can sense that this world is going to witness a rush of new AI-powered apps that would set a new trend in the recent days. Owing to its faster approach and less verbosity, anybody can easily learn it and build amazing AI products in the future. At Pattem Digital, we strongly predict that Python is going to set the stage for more powerful AI development in the future. AI would set apart your business in the most ecstatic manner possible if you leverage it in the right way.

Accelerating the AI Movement: The Role of Pattem Digital in Promoting Innovation

With AI, you are all set to move on to the best ever phase. The future of AI lies in the hands of prodigies with a strong hold towards latest technologies and trends. With Pattem Digital, Pattem Digital can provide you with the most in-demand Artificial Intelligence solutions in the world. Let Pattem Digital explain more about this,you can expect a volcanic disruption with Artificial Intelligence services in various sectors like E-Commerce, Healthcare, Fashion, Art and other areas in the upcoming days.

Don’t wait until your competitors have built that amazing product. Got a cool product idea? We are here to support you with various AI-related technologies including Big Data and Hadoop, Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Automation, Data Science and Big Data. Cost is secondary, quality is foremost, when you trust us. We go to greater heights to make sure that your AI-fueled product is trending in the industry.

Our award winning, customer-centric outsourced product services are loved by many of our clients. We have been nominated by CEO Insights as the most promising outsourced product development company. Soon, we will be opening our branches in the Bay area, European countries and Singapore. If you need any assistance with Artificial Intelligence development, feel free to contact us for consulting. Let’s have a talk on your AI product requirements with a cup of Coffee!

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