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Angular vs React- A noob’s guide

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When it comes to determining the best JavaScript framework, Angular and React often arise as the leaders. Nowadays, the far and wide reception of web applications has driven organizations to harness their expense adequacy and utility. To accomplish optimal outcomes when building web apps, it’s vital to carefully consider the programming language you employ. Familiarity with various platforms allows you to establish a distinctive presence amidst the crowd, molding your standing in the crowd.

Angular vs React

Javascript is known to be one of the most popular languages in current times. With a number of freshers, developers, and experienced developers who can build more projects or apps with the help of Javascript, you need to choose the right library or framework for your project. Angular as well as ReactJs is still the most popular programming language among developers. Freshers should know which one is quite simple and easy to start with. They should know the demand level of each programming language. Facebook developed and maintained AngularJS. It was then released in the year 2013. We should remember that ReactJS is nothing but a library with which you can build more interactive user interfaces. Angular is nothing but a complete framework. There are many instances such as Google Trends which point out that ReactJS is more popular compared to other libraries in the world.

JavaScript Framework Showdown: Discover the Ultimate Champion

Compared to plenty of business-oriented programming languages, Angular is the best ever framework when anybody wants to create apps or projects using Angular. They have to possess knowledge in different stuff like Typescript and MVC. Angular vs react guideYou need to have a thorough knowledge of skill sets such as modules, directives, components, decorators, dependency injection, templates, and pipes. You might be required to learn about zones, change detection, templates, and pipes. You should also possess a thorough knowledge of zones, change detection, AOT (Ahead-of-time) compilation as well as Rx.js. Angular and React frameworks have their own portion of sweet and salt. Angular offers you a number of “out of the box” stuff. With the strictest coding, you get proper structuring as well as a lot of things to learn when you want to be a part of Angular. You should know that ReactJs is nothing but another library. It consists of very few concepts from which you can learn and benefit. React leverages Javascript XML (JSX) which is nothing but a way through which you write on Javascript from HTML. We would require any new syntax belonging to JSX, take care of how we need to write every component, manage configuration props, internal state, routing, and much more with Redux.

Take care of the Size and Components:

Angular focuses on Real DOM. It also follows a more MVC pattern with a bidirectional flow of data. The size is also relatively large when compared to React. React would be focusing on Virtual DOM which is nothing but a lightweight copy belonging to Real DOM. We can also note it as a JS representation belonging to the actual DOM. React makes use of unidirectional data flow as well as the size (46 KB approximately). React is also smaller when compared to Angular.

Community Support and Migration:

Angular is going to release a new version or make regular updates every six months. Hence there would be two major updates or releases within two years. Developers have come across great changes since the time you released it. Angular is at present being submitted by active and large Google communities. The current version of Angular is 9.0. You should know that  Facebook maintains React whereas the current version would be 16.0. Upgrading in React is quite easy in comparison to Angular. There are many companies like Airbnb and Twitter making use of React. Community support is also extremely powerful.


When compared to other platforms, Angular is found to be the most popular framework. There are many platforms that support the same. The popularity of Angular is owing to its widespread usage and much more in the industry.


Angular is nothing but a structural framework. You use them to build dynamic web apps. With React acting as a Javascript library, you can also build more UI components. Angular is on the basis of MVC (Model View Controller) Which is the best javascript frameworkReact is more into Virtual DOM. You should know that Angular is on the basis of Typescript whereas React is into Javascript. Angular is noted to be the most commonly used application meant for music instrument app or video streaming app. The reason is its framework style. ReactJS is nothing but a library and hence it is better for SPA (Single page apps). It does not need more formatting anywhere. Companies such as Google, Youtube, Forbes and Wix leverage Angular whereas companies like Twitter, Netflix, Facebook and Uber leverage React. They recruit developers who are good at all these programming languages. You should know that React developers are more common in comparison to Angular developers. The demand for React developers is also very high in comparison to Angular developers.  React, even though, does not provide any out-of-the-state solutions, would offer you more flexible options. Any developer can handle the task in more than one way. Compared to Angular, React is easier to learn.

Let’s bring a conclusion on Angular vs React

Before we conclude at the end, let us understand what you mean by the best library or framework. When you have to choose any library or framework, it all depends on the requirements, project level, and goals. Each and every framework would consist of a number of pros and cons. The learning curve is going to be extremely fast and getting jobs in the market would be extremely easy. The coding strategy for Angular is found to be extremely straightforward. You can use React to build the best-ever project.

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