Internet Of Things

Everywhere you go and almost every third household that you walk into, you can find a small device resembling a Bluetooth speaker resting somewhere in the living room. Not only can the device play some music for you, it can manage your calendar, play music, and do much more.

The advent of ‘smart’ voice-controlled devices is only starting to gain popularity in India. It isn’t just the early adopters who’re trying thier hands in using this seemingly futuristic tech, it is the average Joe in us that can relate to it using it the most. The average person in India does need some divine help while they run around the clock completing their day’s tasks.

It’s just a piece of the puzzle

People are choosing products that complement the technological environment that they’ve already set up in their home. For ex: I am an Amazon Prime user and it Amazon Echo was the obvious choice to choose. If you’re a Google advocate, you would prefer Google Home. It just seems like a logical next step to buy the next product in the technological ecosystem you’re surrounded with.

One world of connected devices

The coherence or brand familiarity of using products from a single brand is another reason that influences your purchase. You want a seamless communication between the various devices of that company you own. You no longer need to communicate to each device independently for every task. Your smart voice-based assistant is the universal voice that you’ve been waiting for that can bridge the gap between you and your various devices.

A world full of possibilities

There is so much your smart assistants can do for you and we’ve not even scratched the surface yet. From knowing your musical preferences to playing games, answering your search queries, weather updates, reading news, setting alarms and even book cabs for you.

What the future holds

Everything you expect from your smart assistants will slowly come to life in the coming days. You will soon use it to turn on/off appliances in your home from anywhere in the world. You will use your smart assistants to interact more and more with them in your daily life. You will learn to love them with all the anthropomorphism in you that you never knew existed.

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