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Front-end Architect / UI Architect Job

Are you looking for front-end/UI architect job in Bangalore ? Good front-end development is complex, and Scaling front-end development so that many teams can work simultaneously on a large and complex product is even more challenging. As the UI Architect, you will be responsible for defining the direction of the modern micro-frontend architecture for Pattem Digital and Partner products. You will help build the UI framework, which allows autonomous teams to build independently deliverable applications. You will collaborate with UI leads from different groups.

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Know your work:

  • Ownership of front-end architecture and its relation to the “big picture.”
  • Participate in user experience design and architecture initiatives and lead regular code reviews with a significant focus on ease of use, visual appeal, reusability, and performance.
  • Educate and Collaborate with teams during the design and development phases to ensure adherence to our Engineering Principles and best practices.
  • Drive software characteristics such as flexibility, scalability, feasibility, reusability, and security.
  • Write detailed design documents and documentation on system design and implementation. Document standards and ensure they are effectively implemented by the development teams and understood by technology partners
  • Providing the engineering teams are set up to deliver quality software quickly and reliably.
  • Design and develop a proof of concept prototypes for advanced features and designs.
  • Continuously evaluate the design and improve the software development and delivery processes with a deep focus on mobile web performance optimization techniques
  • Working with necessary stakeholders to develop and maintain a set of performance criteria for all development projects, including memory leaks and profiling/snapshots
  • Promote cross-team synergy and alignment to optimize code-sharing, improve site performance and increase speed to market

What you need to apply:

  • 10 – 16 years of experience designing, developing, and using component-based architectures, preferably with React and Redux or Vue. An additional consideration for experience working with high-volume ECommerce websites or CMS platforms.
  • 6+ years of experience delivering enterprise-class JavaScript web applications
  • Experience building the front end for the AEM platform for a minimum of 6 months or more.
  • Good understanding of UI design principles, architecture, and design patterns.
  • Demonstrable experience in large-scale JavaScript application architectures for at least three-plus years.
  • Hands-on in JavaScript Design, Architectural diagrams, and overflow & Architectural Patterns. Familiarity with consuming service-oriented architecture layers and APIs.
  • Minimum of 4-5 years of experience in customer-facing roles.
  • Deep understanding of web service technologies (HTTP, REST, JSON) and design principles.
  • Advanced knowledge of unit testing best practices and Continuous Integration processes (CI/CD)
  • A strong understanding of approaches and techniques to optimize web performance and Accessibility compliance.
  • Advanced knowledge of building systems such as Webpack/Grunt/Gulp etc., including Linting, Compiling, Minifying, etc
  • Ability to research and adopt new technologies quickly in a dynamic working environment; Familiarity with OWASP security; Aware of headless commerce implementation.

What you get:

  • Excellent workplace and colleagues in the IT corridor of Bangalore
  • Competitive salary at par with the best in the industry
  • Immense exposure to new technologies

Notice Period & Location:

  • Number of Positions – 10
  • Notice Period – Immediate
  • Location – Bangalore, Pune, Noida

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