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Python Developer Jobs

If you’re a dedicated and passionate coder, we have an excellent opportunity for Python developer Job in Bangalore, India.

We’re in search of Python Developers who can align with Pattem Digital’s business requirements. Your role will involve applying your extensive hands-on experience in Python Object-Oriented Programming to achieve outstanding results. You’ll harness Linux scripting and API technologies to innovate our highly agile Product Platform. In thisPython Developer Job, we anticipate that you’ll unlock your full potential by writing reusable, testable, highly secure, and efficient code. Your focus will be on creating low-latency, high-performance applications that can easily adapt to evolving business needs.

In this role, you’ll collaborate closely with front-end experts to integrate user-facing elements and build highly responsive web applications that meet Pattem’s client requirements using best practices. We’re particularly interested in candidates with a proven track record in programming and software development, encompassing analysis, design, development, and implementation.

For a detailed overview of your potential responsibilities, please visit our service page.

Familiarize Yourself with Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop and deploy AI solutions addressing market needs.
  • Implement Machine Learning models into enterprise software solutions.
  • Manage the team’s backlog and schedule, prioritizing quality and maintainability.
  • Actively participate in development tasks.
  • Advocate Python coding standards.
  • Explore and adopt new tools and technologies for process improvement.
  • Leverage 3+ years of Python and OOP experience for application development.
  • Demonstrate strong proficiency in API development.
  • Apply distributed computing and scalability principles.
  • Write, test, and debug high-quality code.
  • Utilize previous experience in data integration, Redis, MySQL, and Linux.
  • Apply expertise in data structures, algorithms, and optimization.
  • Specialize in custom Python frameworks, API design, object-oriented programming, database design, and more.
  • Create scalable REST APIs for various platforms.
  • Work with AWS or other cloud platforms.
  • An advanced degree in computer science is a plus.

What achievements do you attain?

  • Enjoy an inspiring workspace and colleagues in Bangalore’s thriving IT hub, with competitive salaries benchmarked against industry standards.
  • Embrace new learning opportunities, take on responsibilities to meet targets, and experience personal growth in a dynamic real-time environment.

Inside the Position: Key Job Information

  • No. of positions available- 2
  • Mode of work- Work from office
  • Notice period- 15 days and less

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