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Machine Learning Developer Jobs

Are you looking for Machine Learning consultant Jobs in Bangalore? As a team looking forward to hiring a Machine Learning Developer, we expect a group of machine learning experts to join our team. They should have the expertise to extract the correct value from the data. As a Machine learning developer, you will lead with data cleaning, collection, and preprocessing. We let you train new models and deploy them toward production. By being a part of our ever-growing Machine Learning team, we would let you develop an end-to-end ML lifecycle involving full-scale training, rapid prototyping, monitoring, deploying, modeling idea iteration, and model maintenance. Join us as our Machine Learning Development Consultant now! If you are searching for Machine Learning Developer Jobs in Bangalore, apply now! At Pattem Digital, you can experience Machine Learning Developer jobs in Bangalore in its best form.

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Machine Learning Developer Job Description

  • Design and develop large-scale, high-end distributed ML pipelines with SDK and Runtimes to handle emerging ML technologies.
  • You should develop and build maintainable, performant, scalable features across a permanent ML pipeline.
  • You should collaborate with several product managers and architects and focus on engineering work by working with an iterative team to establish and build product requirements.
  • Be curious to learn about new ML technologies. Bring life to them on our ML platform.
  • Collaborate with QA, Onboarding engineers, ML engineers, and data scientists to develop ML engines
  • Visualize and explore your data to understand and identify differences about data distribution to deploy the real-time model

What you need to apply

  • If you are looking for Machine Learning Developer Jobs in Bangalore, you should have an industry experience of 4 years in software engineering.
  • You should know about ML frameworks, PyTorch, Tensorflow, or similar technologies.
  • It would be best if you had worked with AI/ML model governance, big data computation frameworks (e.g., Hadoop, Cascading/Scalding, or Spark), refinement, and monitoring.
  • You should have proper knowledge of math and statistics fundamentals, computer science, and concepts such as algorithms and data structures, sampling theory, meshing, linear algebra, etc.) along with data structure concepts such as queues, stacks, graphs, and trees.
  • You should know how to integrate AI/ML insights into your front-end applications.

What you get

  • Excellent workplace and colleagues in the IT corridor of Bangalore
  • Competitive salary at par with the best in the industry
  • Immense exposure to new technologies

Notice Period & Location

  • Number of Positions – 5
  • Notice Period – 1 week
  • Location – Bangalore, Noida, Hyderabad

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