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Apache Cassandra Developer Jobs

Pattem Digital is currently seeking experienced Apache Cassandra Developers with the expertise to build large-scale applications, including distributed database systems.

Being in Apache Cassandra Developer Job, your role will involve assisting the team in implementing, designing, and providing ongoing support for Cassandra services in both cloud-based and on-premise installations. You will be responsible for offering operational expertise, core database technology patches, and support for root-cause analysis. Previous experience should be in Apache Cassandra developer Job working on large-scale distributed systems would be a valuable asset.

To learn more about the specific responsibilities, please refer to our service page. If you need a visual representation of the Apache Cassandra Developer job description, take a look at our video JD.

Familiarize Yourself with Responsibilities:

  • Create and maintain expansive multi-node Cassandra cluster environments.
  • Manage various Cassandra environment aspects, including capacity planning, design, performance optimization, and cluster configuration, as well as ongoing monitoring.
  • Monitor resource utilization, establish key performance metrics, analyze performance data, and ensure the overall health of the cluster.
  • Collaborate on regular product development requirements for cloud-based products.
  • Plan and implement software and hardware upgrades or new releases, including storage infrastructure and capacity planning.
  • Explore and recommend innovative, automated approaches for system administration tasks.
  • Work closely with architects, managers, developers, and lead engineers.
  • Implement advanced security models to ensure the security of information assets and data.
  • Proactively set up and monitor alert mechanisms for the database and support hardware to maintain system health.

What achievements do you attain?

  • Your contributions will significantly influence our business objectives, offering you valuable insights into your role and fostering personal growth opportunities.
  • You’ll enjoy access to a superb workspace in the dynamic IT hub of Bangalore, working alongside outstanding colleagues.
  • We prioritize continuous learning and development to keep you well-informed in your field.
  • You’ll play a crucial role within our talented and diverse teams, contributing to an environment that fosters creativity and innovation.

Inside the Position: Key Job Information for Apache Cassandra Developer Jobs

  • Number of available positions: 1
  • Work arrangement: Work from Office
  • Location: Bengaluru
  • Notice period: 30 days

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