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Frontend Architect Job

Looking for front end architect jobs in Bangalore? Or searching for Senior Front end architect jobs? As our valid resource dealing with Front End applications at Pattem Digital, you are, as our Front end architect, going to be the mastermind behind each and every front-end architecture. You would play a central role with regards to the product, design, and engineering as we go on building the best interface to empower our new products. You will work on your expertise with regard to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You would surely go about creating captivating designs to produce the most reliable user experiences. To build our customized single page app, we need a person to deliver the best front-end experience. If you are looking for Front End Architecture Jobs in Bengaluru, this is your best shot!

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Know your work:

  • As our Senior Javascript / Frontend Architect, you would be involved in the architecture and design of next-generation apps. You would deal with embellishing more strategies for your current apps, to ensure the best performance and response.
  • You will take part in peer code reviews. You will architect as well as implement all the new features and functions to handle customer-facing apps.
  • You would design and implement your architecture for a wide range of interactive web apps.
  • Being our Senior Javascript/ Frontend Architect, you would help our team bridge the gap between Design and Engineering teams.
  • You are going to spend more time helping us launch our new product.
  • Your primary responsibility would be to perform more design and development regarding modular packages, frameworks, and components.
  • As a part of our Front End Architecture Jobs, you would join hands with product owners a number of features to leave an impact on the platform, frameworks, and services.
  • You would have impeccable knowledge of architecting more reusable and efficient front-end abstractions as well as systems to drive a number of complex web applications.
  • Being our Front end architect, you are going to work on delivering pixel-perfection along with intuitive functionality.

What you need to apply:

  • To enroll in our Front End Architecture Jobs in Bengaluru, you need to have 7 plus years of hands-on experience with 3+ years in front end development technologies (5+ years of HTML, CSS, and Javascript primarily), front end architect, 5 years of JavaScript, ES6, asynchronous programming, types, closures, and ES6.
  • You should have worked on relevant tools like rollup.js and webpack
  • You should know how to handle specificity, layout, accessibility and cross-browser compatibility
  • You should have knowledge on browser APIs, optimization of front end performance with 5+ years of the overall experience
  • You should know how to build Single Page Apps by leveraging modern front-end frameworks with the aid of AngularJS. (Having React experience is a strong plus)
  • You should possess experience in REST, micro-service architecture and design, and SOAP service implementations with the support of asynchronous communication patterns.
  • Thorough proficiency in progressive enhancement, user-centered design, and better degradation, SEO, accessibility, performance, and responsive design.
  • To be a part of our Senior Front end architect jobs in Bangalore, you should know how to integrate a wide range of back-end technologies as well as services

What you get:

  • Amazing workplace and colleagues in the IT corridor of Bangalore
  • Competitive salary at par with the best in the industry
  • Immense exposure to new technologies

Notice Period & Location :

  • Number of Positions – 2
  • Notice Period – 2 Weeks
  • Location – Bangalore, Mumbai,


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