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Finance Analyst Job

Accounting principles are required to analyze the underlying financial condition and provide financial reports meant for different companies. When you seek a full-time financial analyst, you must check if they possess strong management and organizational skills. The finance or account individual would be reporting to the company’s president. He assumes every primary responsibility for accounting functions such as financial reporting, tax reporting, and year-end financials. You would require a vital communication skill set to work in the banking sector, operational units, and vendors. If you have all that it takes to join our team as a Senior financial analyst, then keep your search for Financial analyst jobs in Bangalore aside and apply at Pattem Digital.

Finance Analyst Job Description:

  • As a Financial analyst, you would prepare and make entries into different accounting information systems.
  • You get to compile and analyze different financial information to prepare journal entries and corresponding supporting documents.
  • You would be responsible for analyzing the liabilities, asset-related information, and capital and preparing your balance sheet and P&L statement, along with many other reports meant for summarizing and interpreting the company’s projected and current financial position.
  • You should review and verify your accounts and prepare various account reconciliations.
  • You get to design and maintain your reconciling schedules meant for balance sheets.
  • You can close or direct others when you want to close month-end and year-end, which includes reviewing your journal entries and recording the information.
  • You should prepare and monitor Pattem Digital’s cash flow forecasts and manage weekly requirements.
  • You get to manage your bank accounts, required forms, and services on a needed basis.
  • You get to interpret various deviations or trends from the standard
  • You are set to update accounting support schedules and assist with the year-end audit process
  • It would be best if you interfaced with internal and external auditors
  • You can seek process improvement and present process improvement recommendations directly to the founder and CEO.

What do you need to apply?

  • Served the role of Senior Finance Analyst or Financial analyst with 3-5 years of accounting experience in a private, public,  or start-up company is mandatory
  • Professional and technical principles, laws, practices, programs, and applications in different position-related area that includes thorough knowledge regarding accounting practices and theories.
  • Proven computer programming expertise, including Microsoft Office suite of applications and good spreadsheet skills, is always welcome!
  • If you are a proactive person with the ability to think creatively, multitask, and learn quickly, then this job is for you!
  • Bachelor’s degree in business or accounting administration is always preferred.

What You Get

  • Excellent workplace and colleagues in the IT corridor of Bangalore
  • Competitive salary at par with the best in the industry
  • Immense exposure to new technologies

Notice Period & Location

  • Number of Positions – 2
  • Notice Period – 4 Weeks
  • Location – Bangalore

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