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UX Design Manager Job

We are pursuing a highly motivated and skilled Design Manager for our UX Design Manager Job in Bangalore to join our team soon.

Do you like working in a fast-paced and collaborative environment? Then you will love this role. We give you a platform to excel by developing best-in-class digital experiences and intuitive interfaces and playing the role of a skilled Senior Design Manager.

You will be ideal for this role if you are currently trying to pave your path as a Design Manager and are looking for spectacular UX Design Manager jobs in Bangalore. Suppose you have user empathy, high design standards, and excellent UXD/UXR skills. It would be best if you were driven to solve customer problems and help our team embody simplicity and beauty across complex interactions. Of course, you will lead the team by example, which means you do not shy away from rolling up your sleeves to support your team in a time of crisis.

Familiarize Yourself with Responsibilities:

  • Lead experience design and advocate for UX. Become the top expert and thought leader in the field.
  • Encourage innovation and creative problem-solving. Continuously seek new customer-centric opportunities.
  • Understand technical constraints for optimal design. Develop a clear UX vision for products.
  • Align designs with business goals and user needs.
  • Collaborate across teams to enhance user experiences.
  • Work closely with development to improve the customer experience.
  • Ensure coherent planning with marketing and creative teams.
  • Prioritize clean, user-centric designs tied to key metrics.
  • Enhance the Design team’s skills for greater productivity.
  • Champion diversity and inclusion in design.
  • Exhibit leadership qualities: integrity, empathy, creativity, and innovation.
  • Establish processes, methodologies, and design standards.
  • Show expertise in interaction design, information architecture, usability evaluation, and user research.
  • Lead and mentor high-performing creative teams.
  • Bring over a decade of product design experience.
  • Feature a portfolio highlighting design thinking and research.
  • Offer at least three years of team management experience.
  • Previous involvement in consumer-facing product design.
  • Proficiency in Agile and SCRUM for software delivery.
  • Effective prioritization and sprint planning skills.
  • Exceptional multitasking without compromising quality.
  • Hands-on experience with Adobe Creative Suite, InVision, and prototyping tools.
  • A strong work ethic focused on enjoying work and achieving results.

What achievements do you attain?

  • We provide continuous professional development, ensuring your expertise remains up-to-date, and it’s a fundamental part of our culture.
  • You’ll collaborate closely with diverse, highly skilled teams, promoting a culture of creativity and innovation through the exchange of ideas.
  • You’ll have opportunities to explore cutting-edge methodologies and techniques while staying ahead of industry trends.
  • Personal growth is encouraged, allowing you to develop leadership skills and pursue your desired career path.
  • You can also expect a highly competitive salary aligned with industry standards, recognizing your contributions and hard work.

Key Job Information for UX Design Manager Job

  • Open Positions: 2
  • Immediate Joining
  • Locations: Bangalore

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