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Cassandra DBA Jobs

Are you looking for Cassandra DBA Jobs in Bangalore? Spending your days looking for Senior Cassandra Developer jobs? Being the most prominent Cassandra DBA expert in Pattem Digital, your responsibility would include taking care of the new and existing Cassandra database systems. You can get both of them to do both internally as well as through Cloud-managed instances. This will help you thoroughly guide you to follow the best industry practices involved in database administration. You would be the one innovating all the processes through automation.

As our Cassandra Database Admin, you can design, deploy, and maintain all the Cassandra database clusters. This will let you enhance and enable your software products and the systems we use every day through large user groups.

With DBA, you should have high-degree knowledge of Cassandra databases that includes the creation and implementation of high-functioning Cassandra database clusters. You also can maintain several development, and production processes along with QA processes as a part of your Cassandra environments as our Cassandra DBA Engineer. You should also possess substantial experience when it comes to performance tuning.

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Know your work:

  • Take part in database technical design, implementation, planning, and the highest performance tuning level with recovery procedures for mission-critical enterprise systems.
  • Handle the recommendations of the patches, upgrade the database, etc., and ensure the high availability of production databases.
  • Take care of designing, deploying, and supporting all the scalable and distributed Cassandra DB solutions for high-volume apps. Take care of developing and maintaining data models, procedures, and structures to ensure the performance and integrity of all your database components.
  • Be a part of integrating Cassandra’s database along with other app components.
  • Deeply probe into your database health to make sure that you prioritize optimizing your database performance.
  • Be an expert in cloud infrastructure development.
  • Make sure that database security, as well as backup/recovery, are happening
  • Take care of the documentation meant for all the databases, including installation, upgrade, configuration, etc.
  • Take care of building and monitoring all the scripts, such as DB lead and DB growth

Required Qualifications:

  • You should possess work experience of 3-10 years in the fields of design, administration, and up-gradation of Cassandra databases
  • You should understand everything related to the Cassandra Architecture, configuration, installation as well as gradation in the Linux environment
  • You should have worked on node replacement, addition, and removal from your Cassandra cluster
  • You should have worked on Cassandra data modeling with Cassandra utilities such as nodetool, sstable2json, and sstableloader
  • You should know how to scale Cassandra clusters for supporting high read/write throughput as well as tuning/troubleshooting long-running jobs
  • You should have worked on user account maintenance as well as database security.
  • Analyze your TEMP, data tablespace, and UNDO tablespace growth.
  • You should have worked on user account maintenance as well as database security.
  • Take part in PL/SQL as well as assisting developers to write SQL along with PL/SQL Code
  • You should follow more secure development practices such as OWASP, SQL Injection, etc.) by leveraging integrated development environments (IDEs) meant to build, configure, and develop
  • You should be more familiar with SQL, Web Services, database languages, REST API, TCP/IP, as well as JSON structures
  • Holding a B.E Degree in Computer Science or Information Systems, along with other related disciplines, is a must

What you get:

  • Excellent workplace and colleagues in the IT corridor of Bangalore
  • Competitive salary at par with the best in the industry
  • Immense exposure to new technologies

Notice Period & Location :

  • Number of Positions – 5
  • Notice Period – 3 Weeks
  • Location – Bangalore, Hyderabad


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