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 C++ Developer

If you’re in search of C++ Developer job in Bangalore, we have an exciting opportunity for you at Pattem Digital.

We are currently seeking a Senior C++ Developer with expertise in creating a highly flexible platform SDK and API suite. In this role, you’ll be responsible for researching, designing, developing, and modifying enterprise-wide end-user data management software applications at the system level.

Your duties will also involve ensuring software compliance standards are met and evaluating software app integration within the broader computational environment. You will be the primary point of contact for tasks like testing, updates, and documentation, and you’ll maintain continuous communication with users, domain experts, and management throughout the software development lifecycle.

If your dream is to pursue a career in C++ developer job in Bangalore, Pattem Digital is the ideal destination for you.

Familiarize Yourself with Responsibilities:

  • Define user requirements, specifications, and software development plans from an organizational perspective, covering all aspects of software development, including end-user applications, data management, and system-level programs.
  • Lead software solution implementation, covering platform selection, programming language, resource requirements, and program design.
  • Supervise the design and implementation team, overseeing critical processes like coding, testing, and documentation.
  • Ensure the deployment of necessary applications across the enterprise, verifying cross-platform compatibility and resource availability.
  • Manage software modifications for improved performance and adaptation to new hardware.
  • Participate in code maintenance, including debugging and updates to meet evolving requirements.
  • Contribute to future application planning by collaborating with software development teams, users, management, and the broader community.
  • A minimum of 3-10 years of hands-on software engineering experience, with a strong foundation in programming principles.
  • Proficiency in C++ programming, including C++14 for over three years, C++17 for over two years, C11 for over three years, and C18 for at least one year.
  • Expertise in developing shippable, system-based software, with in-depth knowledge of Linux and related scripting languages.
  • Mastery of Object-Oriented design, Multithreading, Design Patterns, and Unit and Integration testing, including experience in high-volume and low-latency application development.
  • Familiarity with secure development practices, such as protecting against SQL Injection and knowledge of OWASP, along with demonstrated proficiency in integrated development environments (IDEs) used for configuration and development.
  • Proficiency in working with REST API, TCP/IP, Web Services, and JSON structures

What achievements do you attain?

  • Your contribution will have a substantial influence on our business goals, offering valuable insights into your role and unlocking personal growth opportunities.
  • You’ll enjoy the privilege of working in a state-of-the-art workspace situated in the heart of Bangalore’s thriving IT hub, where you’ll collaborate with outstanding colleagues.
  • Our dedication to ongoing learning and development guarantees that you remain up-to-date and well-informed in your field.
  • You will play a crucial role within dynamic and diverse teams, fostering an environment that encourages creativity and fuels innovation.

Inside the Position: Key Job Information

  • Number of Openings – 3
  • Notice Period – 1 month
  • Locations – Bangalore

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