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Why should you team-up with Pattem Digital?

Pattem Digital is the best software firm to build your automotive IoT apps. We know connected car engineering like you know your cars. Our IoT SDKs can seamlessly fit different automotive hardware. Yes, our SDKs can be a part of your smallest sensors to drivetrain and vehicle control unit. We can help you bring tech-savvy connectivity and smart features in your car’s design.

What can we help you build?

Increase your offerings with the following IoT applications in automotive that we can build for you:

  • Connected car monitoring system
  • Smart driving assistance
  • Infotainment system that is cloud-based
  • Emergency alerts and management
  • Live fleet management solutions
  • Driver safety systems
  • Car predictive systems
  • Pattem Digital fleet management solutions

We can help you with a comprehensive fleet management and vehicle telematics system to be used across all scenarios. Here’s what we have to offer:

  • IoT-based connected car sensors
  • Real-time car tracking solutions
  • Live location tracking solutions
  • Fuel tracking
  • Speed control measure
  • Fleet management systems
  • Traffic management solutions

We offer predictive maintenance and safety measures like:

  • Connected car sensors
  • Live health monitoring solutions for your cars
  • Automatic fault detection
  • Vehicle prototype testing
  • Smart alerts
  • Automated maintenance and service scheduling
  • Seatbelt alerts
  • Over-acceleration and speeding control
  • Lane change controls

Our other cloud offerings for a connected car are:

  • City route navigation
  • Drive-assist solutions
  • Infotainment solutions
  • Home and smart office applications
  • Usage-specific insurance
  • Enhanced car security measures

Let’s build connected cars IoT platform together

Are you curious to see what we have to offer for you? Reach out to us at to see how our IoT apps can transform your lineup of cars.


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