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Why should you choose Pattem Digital?

Our state of the art eye tracking systems is designed to help you enjoy a slew of benefits. We can test all types of interface including:

Websites: E-commerce, PWA, company intranet, etc.

Mobile: Applications, e-readers, tablets, games, and more.

Kiosks: POS, terminals, etc.

Software: VR games, applications, etc

Boost your user experience

Eye tracking research services will help you decipher the usability issues that you are facing. Get insightful data on human behavior that is hindering the best user experience.

Check out the various eye tracking services we offer

  • Live viewing: Quickly learn what catches your user’s attention and where do they look when interacting with your products. You can also gain insights if your users will find the information on your website to be useful and how they navigate around the different sections.
  • Storytelling: Eye tracking can significantly improve your creative storytelling and interactive design. Using the gaze behavior data, you can extract better performance by focussing your efforts on points where your users are looking at.
  • Heat maps: Know how your users look at your website or app using heat maps. It helps you understand the standout features on your product that captures the maximum attention.
  • Interactive gameplay: Unlock new interactions and mechanics of gameplay with eye tracking for your next video game. Characters in the game will follow the protagonist’s gaze and even go and examine where the main character will be looking.

Get ahead with Pattem Digital

Using eye tracking in user experience design can put you ahead in the game. Just ask us if you need qualified eye tracking experts to join your team and help you in your next project. Feel free to write to us with all your requirements at


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