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Java software platform – Three Decades and Still Counting

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How is the Java software platform the First Choice of Developer?

Did you know that Java was initially named “Oak” by James Gosling, the artist behind Java?  It was an Oak tree that stood right outside his office that inspired him to name it so. Several discussions that followed later by a batch of programmers in the comfort of a coffee shop gave it the name “Java”- the Indonesian island of Java from where came the source to a mug of hot coffee back in those days.

As interesting as this story (and the secret of the steaming coffee cup logo) sounds, Java software platform developer is the First Choice of Developer hooked since its inception in the early ’90s. Hang in there, you need not get carried away by a mere statement. In today’s blog, we’ll explore why Java has never wronged those enterprises that placed their faith in it!

Java’s Dominion: Enterprises Marching in Step with Cutting-Edge Java Technologies

Everything is exciting until it comes to choosing a programming language. And for enterprises, it’s a big decision which may lead them for the better or end up becoming a recipe of disaster. Although several languages have made a grand entry into the modern development market, we noticed a repeating tendency for huge enterprises to still go back to Java.

And the big-time question is WHY? Java is a platform independent programming language and becomes Best Java development company in Bangalore object-oriented trait,  powerful memory management, jam-packed advanced features, backward compatibility, and high-security architecture. Suppose you are in the process of developing an enterprise-level product, you would definitely want to invest your efforts on the intricacies of the product rather than investigating the coding style, implementation and technical dependencies.

Java does exactly this great a favour to you. There are no complex pointers or huge expenditures behind learning and running Java servers. Java is also an extremely handy tool that supports hosting highly scalable web apps. Enterprises also benefit from the vast Java libraries that permit instant reuse of code – previously used modules can be used again with another enterprise app saving time.

Another notable Java feature is java is a platform independent programming language its Runtime Environment that helps to execute programs on a range of devices and operating systems. Moreover, a Java enterprise application meets all the security standards to prevent third-party access to confidential data. Now for all these amazing Java features let’s take a moment to appreciate the strong Java community who hold hands to keep Java afloat and ahead of times.

The Must-Know Java Development Tool-Kit

If Java has ever been efficient, there is no doubt that these development tools have gotten it there. These tools have helped developers get their Java programming right with richer and bug-free codes. From a wide array of tools, we’ve picked the major players. Without delay, let’s explore the tool kit of this honored programming language.

Java Development Kit (JDK)

As the name suggests, it is a collection of programming tools that include the Java Runtime Environment, Java Compiler, and the Java APIs. In fact, these are the basics to get started with Java.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

This is a tool that helps to run, edit and compile a Java code. Furthermore, it combines the usual developer tools into a single graphical user interface (GUI). Now, Java IDE’s are many, with Eclipse, NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 forming the big three of the best java tools for developers in 2020.

  • Eclipse IDE: Eclipse available in both the desktop and cloud editions is by far the favorite of Java developers. It has a top-notch capability for code completion, refactoring, and syntax checking. You can also extend its functionality with additional plugins from the Eclipse marketplace. Eclipse also features a custom compiler and supports multiple programming languages like C++, C, JavaScript, Julia, PHP, Scala, Ruby, etc.
  • NetBeans: Again an open-source IDE that makes an excellent tool for Java developers to build mobile, desktop, and web applications with the latest Java technologies in practice. It comes with converters and code analyzers with every new version boosting its ability to write custom software apps.
  • IntelliJ IDEA:  IntelliJ IDEA boasts as the most intelligent Java IDE of all time. With cross-language refactoring, data flow features, language injection, chain, smart and static member completion, you can definitely say that it does some justice as the most intelligent IDE ever born.

Discover the Reason Enterprises Unanimously Say YES

Facts look more real when seen rather than heard. Do you agree? Although much has been discussed today about the Java community remaining at the leading edge of innovations, now here is something to see for yourself.

Three decades is a long time, but “not giving up” has been the spirit of Java development since its birth. It doesn’t seem to slow down even while battling hard with versatile and comparatively young languages like Python. Java has made a space Advantages of Java to enterprises across the globe for itself in the software, IT and services, internet sector with no sign of leaving or even accommodating others. As most trending tech companies are based in the United States, a great deal of Java market share is pulled in from there.

The US has some loyal Java customers with thousands of companies holding on to Java as their final word. About 9461 companies worldwide use Java in their tech stack. And the list is very familiar to all of us. Pandora, the ultimate store to handcrafted jewelry, Groupon- America’s one-stop for e-commerce solutions are based on Java. Google is also a Java lover and so are other hardware companies like Intel, Philips, Thomson and more.

Other apps with high user base like Pinterest, Spotify, Instagram also go into the same category. Taking a detour to India, we realize that tech giants like Infosys, HCL, TCS and Wipro also run with Java support. Even your favorite apps like Myntra, Flipkart, Goibibo, Naukri, Trivago, Jabong and many more are powered by the Java platform.  Now, this is too much data for a satisfying appetite on Java. But it’s all worth the effort that Java has put into standing the test of time!

What the future has in store for Java?

As we all are aware that the future of technology throws much light on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine learning and IoT, Java being a pioneer is sure to take a lead in these spheres. Otherwise, precisely speaking it can be anyone of the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) languages.

  • All the long-time advantages of Java including its object-oriented style, the easier learning curve, and scalability suit the best for coding algorithms that form the basis of AI platforms.
  • A proven example of a machine learning platform using Java is the Weka (Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis) in New Zealand. Companies taking machine learning seriously can consider Java as their base as it provides excellent GUI, CLI, and API for visualization tools, data analysis, and predictive modeling.
  • Big Data frameworks like Flink, Spark, Hadoop, Hive are all written in Java. Large data applications need strong typing and Java masters in it. With most of the companies adopting Java in their infrastructure, it would be easier to work with data science on Java than with Ruby or R.
  • Java forms an outstanding tool for developing and customizing blockchain applications.
  • Few big projects are going to be based on Java with code names like Leyden, Loom, Valhalla, and ZGC. It will handle several tasks like revising the memory model of Java, addressing the startup time, loosening the strength between Java threads and native threads.

Despite facing endless competition by Node.js Go and Rust, Java continues to maintain the status quo. Let’s keep aside the rumors of its imminent death and not ignore the pressing fact that the future of this juggernaut does look bright. Long live Java!

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