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Java frameworks- The beginning of a new era

If we say, “Java development is the most widely used programming language”, that would be an understatement. The TIOBE index, which indicates the popularity level of 256 programming languages present in the world, have lionized JAVA as the top language in the world.  Originally designed to accommodate the technicalities of interactive television, this open-source, free, fast and secure platform finds its application in Mobile, Android and web apps, video games, database connection and much more!

Devices dependent on Java are above 3 billion as of now.  Java development intends to allow developers to ‘Write once, run anywhere’ model. It had its own complexities such as lengthy, redundant coding structure. Though it is powerful, you need to put tedious efforts to build an application on Java. To avoid accentuating these discomforts among developers, frameworks came into the picture.

Why did the Java application framework arrive at the port?

Java application frameworks are a larger pre-defined set of codes to accompany your own code to solve a user problem. It is a ready-made structure allowing you to call the methods, inheritance and other implementations of such patterns. In a nutshell, it defines the application structure. Java is also quite difficult to learn.

Businesses have to train their resources massively to meet industry standards. The entire process gets hectic when it requires more effort. To get rid of all complexities, there came Java frameworks which are almost like a plug-and-play model of pre-written code. Sometimes, when you use Java frameworks, you would just need to do as little as minor corrections in the code.

This way, you can sit back and relax whereas frameworks do most of your part of chores.

Unveiling the Java Application Framework’s Journey to the Port of Excellence

The current market is travelling at jet pace. We are in a phase where we have to make faster business decisions, without any delay. With Java, you might be able to build a horse-powered app.How do you build the best products using Java application framework? Let Pattem Digital provide you with a clear explanation. That would help you to build your brand dominance among your business network and customers. But, everything has to happen fastly, with no compromise on quality.

That’s the basis of agile methodologies which we follow nowadays- Customer satisfaction by early and continuous delivery of valuable software. Hence businesses have to keep upgrading and delivering their products in a faster manner, to sustain, thrive and win. To avoid pitfalls of late delivery and lost quality, developers started opting for Java application frameworks. More than anything, it is very important to use the right Java framework.

This way, businesses can cut down on their cost and reduce the redundancy involved in their daily task. This would keep their coders happier, helping them to spend more energy on more creative aspects. The advantages of using famous Java frameworks are less coding, high-quality applications, More time-saving processes, simplified processes, increased ROI and more affordable solutions. While you are a part of Java development, you need to ensure that you follow the processes as advised by the experts. With Java application development services, you get the best of services.

What will happen when we choose the wrong framework?

Many industry outsiders are unaware of how, why and what to use in terms of Java application frameworks. This lack of knowledge and resources can kill your productivity and business efforts. Frameworks are the substance behind your program. A bad framework can lead to a very bad application, thus badly impacting your brand value and customer trust. They should either hire the best developers or consult with the best-outsourced product development companies to know more on the Java frameworks.

What are the most famous Java frameworks?

There are plenty of Java application frameworks in use. They differ on their features, pros and cons depending on the type of application you want to build. You have to look from your business perspective to choose which platform would fit you well. This would allow you to introduce a better business model. Consult with tech experts and subject matter experts to draw a conclusion on which platform would tailor your business requirements immediately.

Some of the famous Java Frameworks include:

  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • DropWizard
  • Grails
  • Struts
  • Vaadin
  • Primefocus
  • JSF

Check out our blog to read more on different Java Frameworks

Which Java frameworks are top 5 industry stewards using currently?

Phew! There are 135 Java frameworks as stated by Wikipedia. Java frameworks are growing in number and feature-wise each and every day. Among these many frameworks that are available in the market, businesses are choosing what would suit them well. No businesses would want to build their app on the wrong framework. That would pave the way to even a trillion-dollar mistake.

Have a look at what these top industry players are using:

Oracle- JavaServer Faces

Not just Oracle, companies like IBM, Borland and Macromedia are using JavaServer Faces (JSF) to find ways using which they can simplify their web application building processMany top companies such as Borland, IBM and Macromedia use JavaServer Faces (JSF) to cool down web app building process. Let Pattem Digital explain about it. with this efficient Java framework. With this, you can easily develop tools to build more efficient web apps. The user interface code would run on the server-side.

With JSF, you can enable more features, with a little bit of extra effort. Users can build their applications on the server-side effortlessly by using this platform. They can leverage the maximum benefits of this server-side application through the JSF controls that are available to them. They can easily render back the user interface to their clients. The UI runs on the server-side, unlike many other frameworks, and would respond to different events your client generates directly.

With Java, you are going to build solutions that your customers would never deny. It is going to hold high-end prominence in the upcoming days. You would be able to get the best out of these with the help of Java development solution provider. If you are a part of the Java development team, your business would reach zenith within no time while you involve the best processes in the industry.

Netflix: SpringBoot

In the year 2007, Netflix made a table-turning decision to completely operate in the cloud environment. Fast forward to 2018, Network has shifted over to Spring platform. The principle of Netflix involves highly aligned, loosely coupled operations- They focus on implementing more clear goals and strategies across their teams. As quoted in their official blog, they look forward to a reliable, scalable, secure, agile and efficient solution. Hence they adopted Springboot as their core Java platform.

With Spring data, they get better data access. Spring Cloud integration promotes data security, scalability and efficiency. Spring-security ensures complex security management solution. They also provide patterns and features including Service Discovery, which aims at reducing the configuration efforts from user-end with Eureka, Intelligent Routing with Zuul, that answers every request from different web sites and devices to the backend of the Netflix streaming application, Circuit Breaker and fault tolerance with Hystrix and Client Side Load Balancing with Ribbon. Netflix stated that the way Spring evolved and aligned goes really well with their company policies. They credited how Spring provided them with well-planned, documented, and stronger APIs and abstractions.

Uber: DropWizard

Uber has been a big fan of Java since many days. Owing to the best features that one get to leverage with Java, Uber has started relying more upon this platform. There are many reasons Uber has been using DropWizard to handle all its tasks concisely. Do you want to use it as well? Leverage Pattem Digital.why Uber has been using Java in recent days. The major reason would be the efficiency of the Java platform in helping you while building a robust solution.

Uber’s algorithm and technology would sound more Latin and greek. They have themselves declared that blatantly in their official blog. To keep track of their infrastructure and storage, app provisioning and APIs, they need an efficient platform. Uber’s maps are known to prioritize on the different algorithms, datasets, and different routing, data handling and systems to collect and recommend different locations. The Map Services would run on a Java-based Stack.

The lion’s share of service is offered here by Gurafu, which gives you a set of features to work with road map data. This way, you can improve your accuracy and efficiency when you provide more complex routing options. Gurafu is led to the front by µETA to add a business logic layer on top of the new raw ETAs. Uber used DropWizard in both Gurafu and µETA model.

LinkedIn: Grails

LinkedIn is into Grails right from day 1 (or the other way around). Their primary concern was compatibility and scalability since their customer base was low at that point in time. When they started using Grails, they made the best out of those established open-source libraries, Java integration, internal team expertise of their team with Spring, code reusability with existing Java assets and ability to work in an enterprise environment. As you expected, choosing Grails turned out to be their best decision ever! Their user base grew from 80 million in 2008 to 660 million in 2019.

Google Apps: Google Web Toolkit

Have you ever wondered what is happening behind the screen of Google products? The Google Map, Adwords and Wallet involve a lot of technology. Well, a lot is happening with Google Web Toolkit (GWT). What are the important points you should be knowing about Google Web Toolkit? Let Pattem Digital put forth its points.We can develop RICH Internet Applications (RIA) with this Java framework. Developers can write a client-side application, compile JAVA code to Javascript code and enable cross-browser compliance. With GWT, you can build high performing, easy-to-maintain web apps.

It is highly extensible and users can create customs widget to look after the application needs. They can run efficiently on Android and iOS platforms. You can rely upon the efficiency of the Google tools with the aid of Java development platform. In fact, Java has played a huge role in the success of Google apps. Thanks to Java and Google, we have been able to enjoy a wide range of solutions in the recent days.

Even though Google has started relying upon the efficiency of other platforms, it has still not moved on completely from Java. It is still in use by the Google developers. When you go about using Java, you need to remember that it is behind the screens of majority of the apps you are using in real life.

Cisco Learning Institute: Hibernate

E-learning is a booming industry. There are plenty of E-learning users who use the combination of Spring and Hibernate. Maintaining the content management system (CMS) might require more efforts from your side. Cisco is one among them. Cisco Learning Institute used Hibernate version 2.1.x for their e-Learning content management tool. They have rated their experience as excellent, more support with documentation and quite easy to learn.

Concluding the Symphony

To avoid complexity, time and effort, we have shifted over from Java to Java frameworks. You get to build a better app only when you use the best (strike it out) right app. With less coding, cost and simplification of the process, you get to build the best apps. If Uber is using DropWizard, it is owing to their efficiency and security features. LinkedIn has been using Grails for its scalability and reliability. Each platform has their own reasons for using the particular Java framework. Have a talk with the experts to know which platform would suit you better. Why bother? We are here at Pattem Digital to simplify your app development processes.

Compelling Reasons to Choose Pattem Digital as Your Building Partner

We adhere to quality the same way you adhere to your customers.

Are you in need of a Java development company? Look no further as we provide comprehensive end-to-end product outsourcing services. If you’re searching for the top product outsourcing companies in Bangalore, your search ends here! We guide you throughout the entire Software Development LifeCycle, from initial documentation to ongoing maintenance and support once your app reaches the audience. If you aspire to create a groundbreaking app that disrupts the industry using the right Java framework, we are here to assist you.

At Pattem Digital, our Java web application development company is led by a team of exceptionally talented developers. We take immense pride in being recognized by CEO Insights as the most promising outsourced product development company. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that your app-building endeavors yield world-class results. So why wait? Grab your smartphone and give us a call! Let’s discuss your requirements for Java application development services over a cup of refreshing coffee.

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