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AEM Core Components- The Untold Story

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Ascending to Sovereignty: The Rise of Adobe Experience Manager Core Components

The ever-growing competition and the heat of the market have forced many large corporations willing to grow and thrive to opt for the most comprehensive multi-brand strategy. All these brands have various websites meant for each brand to target several customer segments, markets, and countries, along with regions that would hone up with similar or specific content. When you go on to manage a vast domain of multiple websites, you will surely be coming up with the most thrilling set of challenges.

Extend the AEM Core Components

The majority of the cases would involve the respective companies looking for all these websites to have unique brand identities. They can also retain the overall familiar feel and look of your website’s parent group to increase their brand awareness. A study by the Content Marketing Institute indicated that 89% of B2B content marketers would consider brand awareness as the place of the most important goal. This can be followed by sales as well as lead generation. Hence we need to extend our AEM Core components.

Critical Challenges in Managing Multiple Websites

Here on, it’s time for us to briefly discuss all the specific challenges faced by multi-brand companies. This would also extend to maintaining more than one website and face. With the AEM core components, you can build the best web apps. The Adobe AEM core components can help you sustain the market requirements like never before. With Adobe Experience Manager components, you can go on to build a highly compatible website that is also more secure. With AEM component development, your website plans are all set to flourish. The best AEM core component tool can come in handy if you involve the right AEM development company.


As per the stats of Lucidpress, you can see that there would be, on average, around 23% of the revenue increase can be credited to the ability always to present the brand consistently. We can agree that it is altogether tricky when you are looking forward to showcasing websites belonging to multiple brands in a particular way with brands holding a specific look and feel. This especially goes on for those brands which would be targeting several consumer demographics. We can continue to maintain the brand’s consistency across different brands. This would eventually become extremely difficult when the websites grow in number, and they would be needing to have some provision to migrate content and settings.

Separate Control to access different AEM-managed websites

More often, all these websites would not be considered separate brands. They would be noted as different businesses at a time, which is why companies may have other teams managing these websites. In such a scenario, each team must have separate admin panels and access to the website’s resources with defined user permissions. AEM-managed websites The best Adobe experience manager cms development company can support you with this feature. Determine the Profitability  Are all the plans profitable? Before you launch a business/unit or your new brand belonging to a specific new website, you can take a lot of market assumptions, studies, and future forecasts, which might not always turn out as expected.

Every company has to keep an extremely close watch on all the brands/websites. This should go on to act as a separate business entity. This would also require you to make the most appropriate decisions. All this will happen if specific things are not going to turn out the right way they were always supposed to. All of this would require an in-depth analysis of your website’s performance reports belonging to a specific website. Managing Translations While you go on to handle a high degree of translated content, the information received to and fro would be highly cumbersome.

When we can ensure that the best and most suitable content would get updated on the right side of the page, then you would require a lot of effort. A small mistake in terms of website coordination would occur when an unexpected blunder is involved. In addition to all this, the delays you might encounter while uploading or forwarding the content might lead to a bad customer experience, or in the worst case, you may face a loss of leads.

Layout Issues

Layout issues would go on to arise when you involve translated content uploads right in place of a layout. This can also be designed for the original language. You can encounter a situation where multiple words would suffice to represent a single word. This would take place in different languages, or even the word length, which is the no. of characters, might altogether differ.

Many page elements like buttons,  menus, pop-up boxes, and more such factors, would not have enough space to accommodate all the longer words meant for various languages. When you adjust a variety of words, it can either break the element or go on to break the entire page layout. This can also result when you want to overlap or wrap different aspects.

What are the most celebrated Adobe Experience Manager Core components?

The majority of the content management tools presently available on your market would always support multi-language websites to some extent. This is why any brand should not think twice before using Adobe Experience Manager as their preferred content management system (CMS). Adobe Experience Manager Core componentThis is owing to its ‘Live Copy’ and ‘Language Copy’ features. Let us go on to understand all these features while diving into an example: You can notice that a multinational mobile handset manufacturer would look forward to selling their mobile model in several countries.

This would let you want to retain your website layout while you go about only changing the entire language for your targeted countries. When you go on to choose AEM, your company can go on to build one website in the language of English. This can also perform Language Copy for every other version in different languages. Hence you need to work on AEM Components to scale up your website in the market. You would be able to leverage the market-friendly features without any hurdles. In the case of high-priority website plans, you need to go along with what is best in the market, which is AEM.

Unveiling the Best Developer Tools for AEM

1. Multi-site Manager (MSM) for Cross-website Sharing

AEM consists of a multi-site manager, which would allow several users to maintain and manage multiple sites easily. It would also enable all the users to share their content, and they can also go on to reuse/replicate their configuration as well as code across all various sites. Resulting to this, any number of users would be able to manage a number of websites to share common content effortlessly.

2. User Permissions for Each Business Unit

AEM holds a user management system to handle user permissions without any delay. This would allow you to manage the entire business entity in a better manner.

3. Monitoring & Reporting

AEM consists of inbuilt comprehensive monitoring along with reporting tools which would save a number of users from the dilemma and pain of installing any kind of add-on plugins. When dealt with initial configurations, any user can check all the statistics of their specific websites. This would be useful when they want to generate reports.

4. Translations Workflow Automation

AEM comes along with a better translation manager. This would allow all the users when they want to automate their workflow belonging to the translation of their web page content. Once the translation is done, AEM imports the content automatically.

Organizations Using AEM for their Multi-Brand Websites

Many companies have been relying upon AEM components. Above 7000+ companies have been using AEM. Some companies include Hyatt, Deloitte, Mastercard, Microsoft, Motorola, and Nissan. The majority of them would be managing several sites with AEM. With Adobe experience manager components, you can develop the most prolific business solutions. AEM component development, combined with the cms adobe experience manager core components tool, can support you in the best way. Need any adobe content management system Development services? Rely on the right team.

Pattem Digital: Your Guiding Light for AEM Development Excellence

Do you need any support from the best AEM web development services? Adobe AEM core components are nothing but a robust content management system. Pattem Digital simplifies the AEM requirements to help you build the best website. Contact us if you need any support from our side with regard to your AEM core component tool from the best aem development company.

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