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Cutting-edge IoT Healthcare Solutions

Why is partnering with Pattem Digital a wise choice?

From daycare centers to community health centers and state-of-the-art hospitals, Pattem Digital can help you improve your IoT healthcare Services. We create IoT healthcare applications that offer high-accuracy data to enhance your health-related prognosis and devise better treatment solutions.

Choose from a wide range of health offerings:

We understand cutting-edge solutions like no other in this field. A few examples of our successful apps used by healthcare IoT companies are:

  • Multi-platform mobile app for heart rate monitoring
  • Remote monitoring systems for patients with live alerts
  • Activity tracking and wellness apps for corporates

We can help you with the following intelligent IoT solutions:

  • Sensors to monitor and collect patients’ data
  • Cloud computing records, process, and store the critical data
  • Mobile apps for patients
  • Data gateways

Boundless applications of IoT apps for healthcare

The possibilities are endless. We list down just a few use cases of our Internet of things healthcare applications:

  • Affordable homecare: We help senior citizens living alone live fulfilling lives. Our app can help you monitor their health even when they are miles apart using real-time data.
  • Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD): Get access to all the treatment history, medical records, and symptom information from the patients themselves. With the entire medical record at your fingertips, you are better equipped to offer your best medical treatment.
  • Chronic disease management: Give patients suffering from chronic diseases the freedom they yearn for. Using IoT apps on wearables, patients can track their health in real-time and share their progress with you.
  • Remote patient monitoring: Give your expert medical attention to more patients with remote monitoring. Keep a tab on your patient’s health and suggest proactive and reactive medications to bring them back to the pink of their health.

Work in tandem with us

Increase the effectiveness of your healthcare with the power of IoT healthcare solutions. Write to us at, and we will tell you ways in which you can boost your healthcare.

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