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Drop Down list of WordPress Trends 2023

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Unboxing WordPress Development Trends for 2023

WordPress has made it! It’s the world’s most popular content management system, in fact, the best cms platforms 2020, that’s fuelling almost 34% of the websites on the Internet. Wait! Hold your horses, there are more startling facts to keep you alive. Since the major activities on WordPress have to do with the publishing of personal blogs, portfolios, news and e-commerce maintenance, WordPress statistics and data measure about 17 blogs published on WordPress per second. On a monthly basis, this may go straight up to 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments. How can this not be true. In fact, every six months about 1.1 million new domains are registered on WordPress. We could perhaps have a whole new blog post on WordPress statistics but did you notice that all these data are testaments to WordPress’s flexibility and constant change? So, if you have plans to design a WordPress website, you need to keep the latest trends up your sleeve to stay ahead of the queue. However, a detailed look at WordPress trends will not fit into a tight post and demands a good amount of discussion like the one below. You can still take a quick look at my chopped up video content on WordPress Trends for 2020-21. Or maybe come along and read the interesting details that will follow!

Why stay on-trend with WordPress designs?

From the previous data, you can easily infer that businesses across the globe are resorting to WordPress development to design their powerful websites in no time. Since business needs, customer tastes, WordPress ecommerce development services in Bangaloreand choices keep swinging without a warning, trends keep emerging and leaving. To gain the maximum potential out of a WordPress website, you will have to stay on the loop updating the new features, functionalities, themes, and plugins to push your website to the next level of performance. Coming back to some statistics to leave you surprised again? No at all,  just to back my take on trends. Say, WordPress plugins for instance, let users personalize their unique needs and among the 55,000 plugins living in the WordPress Directory, new options are added daily. What about the themes and style sheets sold on premium Envato Market worth $1 million? Although the WordPress theme development team releases default themes every year, about 11,000 themes have made it to the users through the Envato Market. Most likely searches appear for niche themes and responsive themes which has something new to offer every time a user comes back. Now that’s too much data, but worth a plunge. Moreover, If you stay on trend you also win the benefit of cutting through your competitors. After all, a trendsetter never fails to impress his audience, isn’t it?

What’s up with WordPress Web Design Trends for 2022 and 2023?

The latest developments are rolled out in two ways – (i) WordPress latest updates on design trends and (ii) updates brought by the company itself. Our discussion would follow with these benchmarks in mind and most importantly the platform introduced in recent years. All hail Gutenberg! The brand new editor for the WordPress platform that will take care of all the essential WordPress trends for 2020. With the arrival of Gutenberg, WordPress has shifted to adding content within “blocks” instead of leaving it scattered all over the place on a page. All the following releases of WordPress are hoping to see the same block principle applied to menus, widgets and all other parts of the user interface. Therefore, taking a step forward with WordPress in 2020 has to ring a bell on “blocks”, so that adding rich content becomes simple and enjoyable.

Easy Drag and Drop Page Builders

Now, this is for those who cannot get their tech side up to design a site to their needs. Even when developers and WordPress companies can assist your unique needs, few designers hold back from making a site because they find it difficult. However, with Gutenberg, WordPress has kick-started the native page building system that gives you a simplified user interface with options to alter a few territories of the page. Just a drag and a drop and there you get to see what your page would look like. Elementor and Divi are common examples of such page building tools. Why just designers, even developers see page builders as a hack for quick deployment now. The need for websites are increasing every day and this trend is sure to stay at the peak in the WordPress latest version 2020 and more years that follow – a non-stop running feature indeed!

Customizable Themes to suit better

We know that WordPress powers millions of brands and businesses despite its size and purpose. So, it’s not always profitable to stick to specialized themes. With the advent of blocks, designers can now go beyond the boundaries of WordPress theme development to customize their websites. Any sort of site comes in handy with a set of multipurpose themes with different styles and plugins to choose from. Individuals are pulled into the customizing options with multipurpose themes already gaining popularity in the WordPress latest version 2020 and are sure to rise in the coming years.

Motion UI to tell your story

The motion design is a relatively young member of the UI family has now seeped into the trends making up the WordPress website builder. Gone are the days when users were amazed by static pages with flashy colors, textures, symbols, and styles, now they look for incredible movements that take them through a journey. It should tell your users where to go next, which tab to click on or which is the most important content on the page. If used correctly, it can be the most powerful tool that breathes life into your websites recounting your brand’s unique story.

Chatbots and Voice do the Talking

Voice Search is not something unheard of. With Siri, Alexa, and Cortana penetrating into our lives, such voice-activated WordPress website development will also take an offshoot. Since users prefer feeding Wordpress ecommerce website development in India voice commands to find their way to search and reach the best websites, more and more businesses are adding voice search capabilities to their WordPress websites for ranking better on the SERP pages of search engines. It is assumed that a large proportion of online dealings will take place through voice searches instead of typing and clicking around websites. Due to which, one of the WordPress plugin ideas 2020 could be a voice search plugin like – Voice Assistant Dialog Navigation or WP Fastest Site Search. Another, fascinating trend that has taken over websites in recent years is the pop-up “ Hi, how can I help you?” – yes the chatbots! Users prefer coming back to websites that can enquire about their needs, solve problems, answer queries, and talk to them just as humans would. They are a great way to gather data from customers in real-time and through CRM in WordPress, this has become easily conceivable. Since chatbots bring both customers and convenience to your website, they are hitting the grounds as one of the best WordPress tools 2020.

Augmented Reality to boost E-commerce websites

Online purchase and selling websites are ever-growing. From the littlest of things to the biggest of commodities, users get to view the complete details before the product arrives at their doorsteps with a swipe of a finger. For the remote purchase that happens, businesses are now trying to incorporate augmented reality technology to improve the shopping experience of their customers. The AR lets your users try out products virtually as it were in reality. For instance, an optics company selling their glasses online can set AR into motion so that buyers can virtually try them on before ordering. Thanks to WooCommerce, the smart WordPress eCommerce plugin that can turn your WordPress page into a revenue-generating internet business site. This plugin creates smooth payment gateways, inventory maintaining channels and power customer service too making it the most loved WordPress e-commerce website builder.

Minimalism on the go

No fancy flourishes, no gaudy layouts, no flashy color patterns. Saying yes to a design that uses lots of white spaces, a well-chosen color palette, enough design around the content to offer an aesthetically pleasing experience is what minimalistic web pages do. And that’s exactly what ranks high in people’s preferences. This trend is also an offshoot of wearable tech like smartwatches with smaller screen sizes. People need sites that take less time to load with relevant content to help them achieve their goals. WordPress also looks to be minimalist with a lot of breathing space to increase site speed with mobile optimization.

Handmade Content to make some noise

With websites piling up each day, it has become difficult to give that extra reason for your users to choose your brand. But there’s no giving up. When old ways don’t work you need to switch to some creative ways to scale up and the new way to do this is by infusing handmade or hand-drawn designs to showcase your personality. WordPress is open to any such experiments – quirky, funny, lively or whatsoever.

Why not try Gutenberg for Yourself?

WordPress developers are all set to phase out the classic editor. So, shouldn’t the same go with you? You do not want your plugins to fall outdated posing a security threat. While you look forward to going withDevelop WordPress for ecommerce in India Gutenberg, you may not know what impact it can have on your current website. After all, an editor shouldn’t leave nightmares for the rest of the days. So before you start, I recommend you test it on a staging site of your live website. Just because you do not want your website to crash if the editor proves incompatible. Next, you can continue installing the Gutenberg editor in the plugin form editor from your dashboard if you’ve updated your WordPress to the latest version. Now, if you find errors after the new editor is installed, do not fret because this happens. Instead, make a note of all the errors that are most likely to occur with plugins and themes and try updating them. Once updated, you are done with troubleshooting and your website looks like in place now. Moving ahead, create a backup of your original WordPress page before installing Gutenberg in the final process. Now that you’ve protected your original site against any risk, you can finally try Guttenberg for your WordPress.

Features to look for in a good WordPress Theme

With WordPress making it to the list of best cms platforms 2020, there is always a need to measure its rightfulness to the title. One of the ways to access WordPress development is through the availability of themes to the users. Choices are abundant but there are several parameters to cross-check before you proceed with a particular theme. Since themes are pillars playing a major role as WordPress website builders, the first and foremost feature would be the cost. Now based on your purpose you could choose either the free or premium themes. Free themes are handy for those of you who want simple designs but have limited options of customizing. With premium, it’s the other way around. Second, you need to make sure that the themes work well on every browser and respond equally on mobile devices and PCs. Also, if a theme has a demo version to test run then you might as well go ahead with it. Most importantly, never choose a theme before considering its security features – themes with bad security is a loss for the worse.

How can Pattem Digital accompany your WordPress development journey? 

Tuning your WordPress website is like putting the right creative skills to work. Are you also looking to power your eCommerce websites with WordPress to replicate the above trends? If yes, then we at Pattem are committed to investing in the perfect solutions to bring the look and feel for your online store of dreams. Let’s load more purchases on your customer’s shopping carts together. Get in touch with us for more information regarding WordPress e-commerce website development.

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