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MERN Stack-The Four Handed Winning Game

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Mastering MERN: Build the Future of Web Development

A stack simply put is a set of tools/technologies combined together to develop web applications or new pieces of software. Coming to the MERN stack framework is based on JavaScript and caters to all the essential parts of a modern web app- the frontend, backend, runtime, and database. As for MERN, the database here is MongoDB, the backend framework is Express js, React is the front-end library, and Node is the run time environment. Thus the abbreviation, MERN.

MERN Stack Wonders: Empowering Web Development like Never Before

Straight out of the programming world comes the language that is called both bizarre and beautiful. Probably you guessed it right! It’s JavaScript with about 76% of respondents according to the report by “State of Developer
Ecosystem 2020”. Although developers have tried a whole lot of other tools to tackle common issues, they take a round trip back to JavaScript. This shows that JavaScript has established its authority in the web development space – interestingly both in the front and back end sides. A full-stack developer can work on both ends with JavaScript’s powerful stacks like MERN and MEAN. As you can assume, it’s well worth understanding. So, today, we’ll get some perspective on the MERN Stack web development framework.

The Charm of MERN Stack Components


It offers NoSQL document-oriented database support to your web apps. But what does this mean? This is exactly where MongoDB deviates from conventional relational databases. First, instead of mern stackusing tables and columns based on a schema design, it uses documents to record and store data in the form of key-value pairs with a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). Since it is schema-less, a document is the basic unit of storage, and several such documents are stored together to form a collection. Each document may carry different content, size, and number of fields and has a unique identifier to be able to access. Which is why it relies on NoSQL or “nonrelational SQL”. Second, it has the unique ability to distribute the load over multiple servers through horizontal scaling. Now, you might wonder if it has a downside. It does if the application is too large. Just because the data is de-normalized leading to duplication, having a semi-strict schema is always a good idea. But fret not, you can easily overcome this limitation with an Object Document Mapping library such as mongoose. But being schema-less is also advantageous in the sense that it is easy and faster to index documents. Other advantages include scalability, simple setup requirements, and effortless sharing of data.


As you might know, Express js is a framework of Node.js and Node.js is a JavaScript runtime user for server-side networking apps. But what is Express js really doing in the MERN family? Putting it straight, it simplifies the task of writing a back-end code by hand on Node. More precisely, it’s the lubricant that eases the back-end development of your dynamic web apps. Express is also excellent when it comes to designing your APIs. It has the ability to parse URLs and incorporate a list of functionalities like setting response codes, and cookies, and sending custom headers. Additionally, the Express backend framework writes custom code pieces to be inserted into any request/response to achieve some common functionalities- these codes are called middlewares. Other Express specialties are:

  • Speed, Efficiency, and minimalist structure
  • Single-threaded and Asynchronous
  • Solid community support by Node js
  • Supports any choice of template engine


The top tier of the MERN stack framework is Reactjs, the open-source JavaScript library for building complex interfaces beautifully. Which further connects these interfaces to the backendmern stack server by creating views rendered in HTML. So, why does this matter to get to your smart web apps? React views are declarative, which means that the React component will take care of the view without your intervention. Any changes made to the existing view will be applied to the new view with a subsequent change in data as well. As a result, the view is free of maintenance, complexities, and inconsistencies of any kind. This process is further accelerated by a feature that Reacts is popularly known for- the Virtual DOM. This feature allows React to understand how the view looks in the form of a virtual representation. The algorithm is optimized to a great extent ending up with very little overhead so that the differences are easily added to the actual DOM. Hence, no slowing down worries to keep you up all day! React is also component-based wherein the UI is built with individual components with separate logic. Writing the app becomes much smoother as developers are able to focus on components at a time. React codes can run both on the server and browser. Mind it the same React code! But on the server React calls for support from Node.js, our MERN stack’s runtime environment.


Node.js web framework gets rid of the convention of calling an HTML page to load multiple JavaScript files. It owns a module system that manages to put together all these JS files. In addition to this, you can also find free packages or third-party open-source libraries ready for installation. And Node does this through the Node Package Manager (npm) for JS modules that can be used in the browser. Here are some more reasons to say yes to Node Js runtime:

  • Event-driven nonblocking I/O model
  • Functions on Google Chrome’s V8 engine
  • Highly scalable due to code execution outside the browser
  • Single-threaded model

Can MERN Stack Development be the fuel for Startups?

So, your startup idea and infrastructure are around the corner. You have the excitement of making your own mark in today’s competitive market but are equally lost about choosing the tech behind it. Since you are overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available, it’s okay if you were hung up about what to choose. But not anymore! MERN stack services can have your back to turn your startup into a manageable entity. Let’s see how.

Excellent Community Backup

MERN stack runs under the shadow of parent JavaScript which has large community support. You can get hold of numerous MERN resources and their related components. JavaScript being a widespread language, you come across a number of qualified developers who can fit your price-quality ratio to help set the base of your startup right.


Startups are most susceptible to financial risks. Although you will be willing to spend money to some extent, the goal is to minimize the costs where possible. In that case, the four components of the MERN stack framework are open-sourced, helping you do away with licensing issues and expenditures. At the same time, MongoDB can run on commodity hardware which encourages “pay as you go” pricing and global support around the clock. Today you might be a budding startup, but tomorrow you are likely to expand your horizons, so MERN’s highly scalable and flexible nature paces well with your growth. Basically, letting you make a long-term investment without having to look back.

Reusability of Code

One of the MERN stack best practices include the reusability of code in the case of Reactjs components. Developers are far more productive with the MERN stack libraries reducing the turnaround time drastically. You also get the liberty to reuse components to build cross-platform mobile apps quickly and seamlessly.

This is not it, the advantages of the MERN stack to any business are even harder to overlook. Why? Because it comes with its own set of testing tools and an MVC architecture for ease of workflow development. On the whole, MERN stack development can add an extra tinge of sweetness to the time and resources you add to your new venture.

Top Brands that Flaunt with MERN Stack

Of all the components it’s the presence of React framework that kindled many global brands to leverage the MERN stack for their laser focus on user experience. Some of the renowned global brands are:

  • Airbnb: To enhance the digital experience with the help of additional functionalities in their app.
  • Instagram: Have you had the benefit of saving your favorite posts on Instagram for later use? This feature was implemented through React Native along with some push notifications to promote User experience.
  • UberEats: To enhance their restaurant dashboards and make the driver-food outlet communication channel smooth.
  • Walmart: React Native powered mobile app was used by this company to enhance their hybrid app performance

Scale your business with Pattem’s MERN Stack services!

Are you also at the brink of your startup plan or expecting a shift to better streamline your businesses with the MERN stack? Pattem Digital’s MERN stack development services have amazed our diverse range of clients by resonating with their exact business requirements. Share your enthralling idea with us and watch us develop ultra-fast JavaScript MERN stack projects for you. Do not miss out on the opportunity to address your target audience and create a long-lasting impression!

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