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IoT Wearables for Healthcare Challenges?

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IoT- The new eclipse in the world of IoT

The last few days saw the emergence of new technologies. The healthcare industry is one of the most revolutionized sectors with these pioneering technologies. Right from smartwatches tracking the heart-beat to the wristband checking your blood pressure, wearable technologies have scaled up the objectives of IoT wearables healthcare in the healthcare industry. Everybody is using it in real-time- be it a newborn baby or senior citizens. The IoT wearables are going to get more famous in the upcoming times. The global IoT wearables healthcare market is set to grow by 12 billion by the year 2021. This industry is set to develop rapidly and serve more people smartly. When IoT entered the market, people were wondering how it is going to solve their day-to-day problems. In fact, there were a lot of expectations among everyone with regards to the potential of IoT in healthcare. IoT has stood up to its expectations without any hassle. People are now more familiar towards the solutions it can provide them with. They are now aware that IoT has the capability to change the world for the better purpose. Hence they have started using it in their daily lives. With IoT, you are all set to build a solution that would attract the masses. This is the main objectives of IoT in healthcare.

What do you mean by IoT wearables healthcare?

A wearable is a technology-powered device that can be readily worn on any human body. Let it be smart wristbands, shoes or necklaces, smart devices can hold some sensors to collect raw data. IoT in Healthcare industryThey can relay it into any database or software. With the help of this software, it is easy to gain more insights and analyze the health of the wearer. The insights you receive from the IoT wearables in healthcare are the most responsive. These insights can help any person who is wearing a smart device. Such is the potential of IoT in healthcare! The physicians can also take more accurate actions. In a similar way, doctors can have a close look and give fine-tuned advice on a diet plan on the basis of your activities. When you go about choosing the right wearables you need to understand how to make the best use out of it. With IoT wearables, you would know which one would suit you the best, just by having a glance at its features. When you are working on your IoT wearables, it would be the best practice to give first preference to your user preference before you are going on with the development cycle.

How is IoT wearables healthcare solving the challenges?

IoT wearables in healthcare has left its impact on different industries, from entertainment to space science. The technology has left its flag victoriously at whichever port is reached. Nowadays, many businesses have started migrating to IoT. The healthcare industry is no exception in the vicissitude that IoT provided. It has solved numerous forsaken challenges in the Potential of IoT in the healthcare industry.

A few challenges for IoT wearables healthcare are stated here:-

  • Every patient would require more personalized care and attention from different medical professionals.
  • Still, in many hospitals, patients have to wait in queues to get their basic check-up.
  • It is not very easy to manage the wheelchairs, defibrillators and other necessities. It might get lost or mixed up elsewhere.
  • It is really hard to inform the family of the patients when they are in an emergency situation.
  • The cost of healthcare, fastly ageing population and increase in the number of chronic diseases are the biggest ordeals faced by medical practitioners.
  • Not every patient are aware of the hygiene measures they need to take. Even when doctors are advising them constantly, they would not give adequate attention to the directions.

Solutions provided by IoT

IoT devices and wearables could help you in keeping count of the calories, track your blood pressure regularly, manage the appointments of the patients, and inform doctors of the availability of the doctors. IoT in healthcare| Smart healthcare using IoTWith IoT wearables healthcare, patients can keep track of the location of the patients. They can get a free consultation. When there is an accident or emergency situation, doctors can be informed prior. This would help the doctors to arrange the needed equipment.  With cloud facilities, IoT can help you monitor the patients in a real-time environment. You can also keep a check on the room temperature and get information quickly.
With wearables, you can check the hygiene and sanitary measurements taken by the patients. There can be an app where the hygiene level of the patient can be monitored. With the dashboard, they can track their score. For children, we can inculcate the practice of washing hands after eating and brushing twice with these wearables. One of the primary objectives of IoT in healthcare is to make sure that the patients are monitored remotely from their location. When patients can speak about their symptoms, the best doctors can guide and direct them from various locations. Many patients lose their lives without a timely diagnosis of dreadful diseases and terrific road accidents. This can save them on time, without churning ways for casualties.

Real-time use case:

Apollo Hospitals have expressed their warmth towards IoT wearables healthcare for their connected healthcare services. When they connect the diagnostic and other healthcare equipment with built-in intelligence, they know they were going to make better business decisions, as quoted by Aravind Sivaramakrishnan, CIO of Apollo Hospitals. There are many companies following this string in employing IoT for their day-to-day requirements.

IIT Kharagpur and AIIMS have joined hands to research how they can implement new technologies to improve the lives of people. Thus they are bringing awareness of new technologies like AI, Machine learning, and IoT in the healthcare industry.

These are some of the remarkable steps taken by businesses in recent times. These have led to remarkable changes in the mindset of people. What more do a hospital need than their brand integrity and people’s trust? With smart healthcare using IoT, it is easier to achieve that feat.

Let’s cross over

If IoT is the need of the moment, smart businesses are the need of this entire decades. Health care businesses should put extra efforts to keep up with industry trends. Since it is a service-based industry, acting on time would ensure that many patients are saved. Technology is a boon nowadays. Even people in the most backward, rural, and poverty-stricken areas can get the deserved benefits from technological advancements. Pregnant ladies, heart patients, and children from these areas are going to have a more happy and healthy time with their families!

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