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Apple Watch – The Epiphany Of the Future Technology

Are you using Apple Watch regularly to manage your daily activities? You probably ordered your Apple watch on Amazon or visited a store to purchase it first-hand. Whatever it is, you would never deny that it offers exemplary provisions and features. Well, it’s the trademark of every Apple product. As the tagline of Apple says “Think Different”, you are all set to experience more advanced operations by the time you strap your Apple Watch on your wrist. The watch is expensive.

Apple Watch’s hidden features are abundant. There is no naysaying in that. Would you believe if we say that Apple Watch devices have hundreds of hidden features that are gonna set your daily life straight? Apart from listening to music, fitness tracking, and health monitoring, there are umpteen things you can do with your Apple watch. Now you have the ball rolling on your side to determine how well you use all the Apple watch’s hidden features. Have a look at the 25 Apple watch tips:

Prevent changing the face:

Sometimes, your Apple Watch face might change when you are showering or driving. To avoid this, activate the WaterLock feature from your Control Center to stop the water from causing trouble while you are showering. Delete the Watch faces by choosing the Watch app on your iPhone->My Watch->Tap on Edit where you can find My Faces. To restore these faces, add them again to the face gallery.

Customizing the Haptic Feedback Strength to Perfection:

Under your Apple Watch’s display is a notable Taptic Engine. You would get prompt haptic wrist feedback whenever any notification is received by it. To adjust the haptic feedback’s strength, you can go to the Watch app on the iPhone->My Watch->Sounds and Haptics->Haptic Strength. Don’t forget these cool Apple watch Tricks for development.

Unlock your Mac with your Watch:

You would be able to unlock the Mac features with no need for a password. To set this Apple watch best tips up on your Mac, you need to choose System Preferences->Security & Privacy-> General-> Allow the Apple Watch to unlock the Mac. To unlock the Watch using the iPhone, you need to go to the Watch app on the iPhone->My Watch->Passcode->Unlock with iPhone.

Control Center Settings:

How nice would it be when you can control a number of features through your control center? These apple watch tips are all about that. The control center would hold a battery indicator, Cinema Mode, and activation of Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, silent mode, AirPlay, Bluetooth, and many other features. You also have a ping button to locate where your iPhone is. By owning a Series 2 or Series 3 Apple Watch, you can find a water lock feature with a droplet sign. The water lock feature allows you to turn off your touchscreen so you need not activate the device with moving water.

Adjust the size of the text:

This is one of the best ever apple watch tips and tricks you need to know if you are myopic. It would be inconvenient if the font size is going to be too large that it occupies apple watch tips and tricksthe entire screen space or too small that you have to squeeze your eyes to read through. You can set this up by choosing the Watch app on the iPhone->My Watch->Brightness and size of the text.

By adjusting the size of the text, you are going to ensure that you are reading in a more convenient manner. This is going to help you stay more productive in the pursuit of sticking to the text. If you are planning to invest in an Apple watch, it would be inevitable to abscond this feature. Hence this feature would help you a lot if you are going to build Apple products that bring about an essence of change in the way the text is presented to you. If you are planning to buy an Apple watch, make sure to take note of this feature.

Use Mickey and Minnie Mouse to read the time:

There are two famous Apple Watch faces- Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They can read aloud the time when you are going to tap on the display. You have to enable the ‘Tap to Speak Time’ feature. To choose that, you need to use iPhone->My Watch->Sounds and Haptics.

Enable personalization for your App Dock:

The default arrangement for the Apple dock would be to show your most recent apps while you are pushing down the side button. You can adjust the App Dock by choosing iPhone -> My Watch -> Dock -> Favorites. You can set around 10 apps as your favorite.

Restart your Apple Watch by force:

To restart the Apple Watch, you need to press and hold your side button. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you hold your Digital Crown for 10 seconds. Immediately release your Digital Crown as well as the side button while noting the Apple logo on your display.

Share all your activities with your circle:

Would it not be fun when you can share all your fitness activities with your circle? This acts as a foolproof way to let your friends enjoy the show or give them a competitive edge. You need not turn on this feature by default. All you need to do is to invite your friends and share your activities. You would be able to set this up when you open the Activity app on your Apple watch. You then need to tap on your Sharing tab which is present at the bottom. You should tap on your plus sign present at the top-right. Then you can add all your mutual contact details.

Use Breathe App:

Apple introduced the Breathe app as a branch of the watchOS 3 release. This app nudges you to take a deep breath whenever you feel stressed out. apple watch tips and tricksBreathe in, breathe out! That’s what this app is all about. You would be able to adjust the Breathe app settings under the Watch app on the iPhone -> My Watch -> Breathe. Use these Apple watch tips to get rid of the stress level and remain calm and composed.

If you are going to use the Breathe App feature in Apple iOS, then you can assure that everything would seem like air. You are going to experience a more sophisticated ambiance within yourself since the App is more conventional in its sense. Breathe App is one of the best features of the Apple Watch. It’s time to bring that inner Buddha out of you when you are using Breathe App. It is simpler, relaxing, and refreshing. Hence if you want to use the Breathe App, it is going to bring a lot more changes in your inner self. Don’t forget to use this mind-soothing app if you are planning to buy an Apple Watch.

Set up Custom Replies:

There are many who leverage their Apple Watch to send text messages. You can customize your replies when you want to send a preloaded message to someone like “I’ll call you back soon” To get custom replies, you can go to the Watch app present on your iPhone and then choose My Watch -> Messages -> Default Replies. Then you can tap on “Add a reply.”

Switch the Orientation of the Watch:

For indicating which side of the watch you are wearing, on the right wrist or left wrist, you can set the watch orientation. You can adjust it by visiting your Watch app present on your iPhone. Then choose My Watch -> General -> Watch Orientation. After specifying if the Digital Crown is present on the left or right side, you can know how to wake up your display and orient it.

Take more Screenshots:

If you are willing to take plenty of screenshots, you need to press your Side button as well as push down your Digital Crown at a time. The screenshot you take on the Apple Watch is going to appear along with the Photos app on your iPhone. You should enable your screenshots by moving to the Watch app on the iPhone -> My Watch -> General -> Enable Screenshots.

Time Travel:

When you use Watch Face with calendar features such as Modular and Utility, you would be able to rewind time or fast-forward it to take a look at past and future calendar events, other notifications, and the weather. You can activate the time travel feature by twisting your Digital Crown while you view the home screen on the Apple Watch. For activating time travel, you have to choose the Watch app on the iPhone-> My Watch-> Clock-> Time Travel.

Get to know your Heart rate:

These top Apple Watch tips help you to maintain your heart rate. Your Apple Watch has a default module to read your heart rate. This is to send data to apple watch tips and tricksthe Health app on the iPhone. To know what your heart rate is, you can slide and tap on the Glances. Go to Apple Watch app-> My Watch-> Workout-> Workout view to access the Apple Watch on your iPhone.

Apple Watch is going to help you measure your heart rate all through the day. It can carry out that except when you are standing in a place or while you are moving. Since Apple Watch would consider these background readings seriously on the basis of your activity, the measurement timings would have consistent changes. Apple Watch would calculate the average walking speed and daily resting rate using accelerometer data while there are proper background readings. Controlling the third-party apps with access to the data from different health apps would also be possible. You are not going to regret the decision on choosing Apple Watch. Similarly, you are not going to regret using this feature. That’s a surety.

Leverage Apple Pay:

It is possible to connect the Apple Watch to the Apple Pay account. You would be able to make more purchases when you simply tap in your Apple Watch on the NFC reader. To set this up, you need to choose the Watch app on the iPhone->My Watch->Wallet and Apple Pay. You need to add all the cards you are planning to connect to your Apple Pay wallet on the Apple Watch.

Say hola to Siri:

Using Apple’s personal assistant, you can access anything on your watch by saying “Hello, Siri” or by holding down your crown (the winder on your regular watch) on your device’s other side. With Siri, users would be able to dictate different messages to their friends.

This comes with a microphone:

When you are sending messages, you might require a microphone to dictate what you need to type or select your response from a pre-defined set. These is Apple watch top tips quite similar to how you work with smartwatches that are fueled by Google’s Android Wear system. Apple proves that the smartwatch would be suitable to look into any upcoming messages and respond immediately.

Get access to Maps:

With the help of Siri to know about directions, you can entitle feature Maps on your Apple Watch. This interactive watch would guide you to where you have to turn and where you have to take a left or right. Go to Apple Watch apps->My watch-> Maps to activate the map. You can also turn on all the alerts that you require.

Cycle tracking:

Ladies can now track their menstruation cycle by using the Female health tracking mentioned in the Health app. You can get alerts and reminders apple watch tips and trickswhen you log in with all your symptoms. Go to iPhone -> Health app -> Browse -> Cycle Tracking to get instant data. Tracking the menstrual cycle in your Health app on the iPhone or on your Apple Watch’s cycle tracking app is going to be simple.

Ladies can get information on when their period is or when they are fertile. The Cycle Tracking app also forms a prominent part of watchOS 6. WatchOS 6 is quite compatible when it comes to Apple Watch Series 1 and more. If you want to upgrade to watchOS 6, then it would require your iPhone 6s or other iOS 13.

These cool tricks for Apple Watch would let you know when the menstruation cycle is and how you can manage it without any fuss. In this busy world, it could be hard to track your cycle. Anyway, it is going to improve the health status of the woman. The Cycle tracking app would provide you with access to take care of personal hygiene and maintain it irrespective of whatever happens.

Use primary Apps:

Apple allows you to create custom apps and use them to handle different tasks. You can create your own calendar, music, stocks, photos, and weather. You can also download and install a number of third-party apps to the Apple Watch such as Twitter and Instagram. The app would allow you to set the friend’s circle and take care of the notifications.

Remote Control Functions:

You need not look for your lost remote anymore. You can enable the remote control features to skip through different music on iTunes or your iPhone music library and navigate the Apple TV menu. You can also use Do Not Disturb or Airplane mode. You can turn the smart lights on or off in the comfort of your sofa. You can see who enters your house and exits.

Passbook Integration:

You can readily manage your plane tickets, and take care of your boarding passes along with loyalty cards without reaching out to your mobile phone. This is so far one of the best apple watch tips for development. Whenever there is a discount or an offer, these loyalty cards would alert you. To enable passbook integration, you need to open your Apple watch app-> My watch-> Wallet & Apple Pay.  Then you can add passes at your convenience.

Handle Hotel or Car Key Replacement:

Apple introduced people to many new apps integrated with the Apple watch. They can reserve tickets to their favorite hotel and unlock your car while you close it. With these apps, you can easily handle all the requirements.

Prevent hearing loss:

There is this new noise app to help you monitor your surrounding’s decibel level. It would alert if the noise is above 80 decibels. You can set more apple watch tips and trickscustom alerts and also disable them when you don’t need them. Apple offers you the privilege to prevent hearing loss with the aid of the Noise app. When Apple released the new version of WatchOS 6, the best feature that was recognized was the ability to capture loud noise in different user environments.

Users can notify different gadget owners if they are risking any hearing damage. Noise makes use of an embedded watch microphone to measure the rate of decibels at different locations. You will get a short notification about the level of the sound. It could be “loud” or “ok”. If it is going to be beyond 80, people are going to experience hearing loss.

To avoid this, Apple has come up with this feature to help people prevent their hearing loss due to undesirable situations. With Apple, you are going to leverage features that would not pave way for any blockages in your daily life. Buying an Apple watch is not a big deal. You should know how you are going to use it.

Use Apple Watch for various applications:

Want to pay your bills? With an Apple Watch application that is integrated with your bank account or online wallet, you can let Siri know about the instructions. Don’t have access to your Mobile phone or pen and paper to take notes? Using Voice recognition with Siri, you can create your online memo effectively. Retailers can enable Apple Watch to give discounts using Apps and keep informing their audience if there is any new trend available. If we build a stunning Apple watch Application, its applications are beyond the cloud.

Pattem Digital and Apple Watch apps- The Right Combo

Hope you enjoyed reading our best Apple Watch tricks and tips you need to know about. Looking forward to building an app for the Apple Watch? Would you like to collaborate with the best Apple Watch development company? Our award-winning team would ensure that you are all set to fly high in the App market.

At Pattem Digital, we have experts behind the screen striving hard to create that amazing app that you would never choose to miss. We are always on the lookout to help you through A-Z of the processes from documentation to maintenance. Let us know if you have any requirements that an Apple Watch development company can solve. Our Apple Watch development services are here to guide you through it by bridging all the gaps between app development and industrial requirements.

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