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Meet the ai bartender of the future

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AI Bartenders: Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Redefine Mixology

At Pattem Digital, we like to push the boundaries of what’s possible today with the help of technology. We create cutting-edge solutions in our daily work while keeping a constant eye on the possibilities of the future in Software development.

One of our guests took us to the bars of various cities. We all love our drinks. But there is a dearth of innovation in the field of what’s happening once you step inside your favorite bar.

It is time for the world to meet the future Ai Bartender in Software development. Meet ‘Hic’. It is a technological bartending station that looks welcoming with the right amount of shiny metal pieces to let you know that it is here to serve you. You can walk up to Hic and greet it in over 100 languages and it will gladly return the favor back to you.

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Hic can come in handy when you are hard-pressed for helping hands to cater to all the people in the restaurant at the same time. It is an intelligent bartending machine that can use the power of AI to recollect the names and preferences of the visitors. You’ve had a rough day and need someone to tell you some great bartender jokes, Hic will have you in splits. Need to know the live score of a match, just ask Hic. Are you in the mood for something new and don’t know what? Just walk up to Hic and it will suggest just the right drink to lift your spirits.

With Hic, you will have a local and customized ai bartender for everyone who walks in the door. It can even place all your orders for you without pressing any button. So, you don’t have to worry about your orders getting misplaced. Loved that beer you had in the corner pub of Glasgow but don’t remember its name? Ask Hic and it may help you out. Hic is the personal friendly bartender that we have all yearned for when we walk in the bar while waiting for a familiar face to turn up.

Hic will be powered by machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, and computer vision. It will recognize people’s faces and know how to greet them in real-time using Microsoft’s facial recognition technology. The speech to text capabilities will be powered by Siri. It will use for the interaction model to make sense of Siri’s outputs. Hic will use the power of deep learning to mimic the customizable speech patterns of humans. It will convey your order for a next round of drink using Bluetooth.

All your orders and food preferences will be saved to offer you a personalized experience. Its recommendation engine will offer all the repeat users the options of picking from their usual choice of drinks or choose a drink that will go well based on their tastes. Hic could also cut you off when you had too many. Wonderful, isn’t it?

The possibilities of Hic are endless. It can become an integral employee of cafes and popular food joints. Imagine receiving a personalized experience at every bar, restaurant or cafe you go to in all parts of the world.

Happy drinking with Hic’!

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