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Shopify vs Magento 2: Which Is Best For You?

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What’s all the buzz behind Shopify vs Magento 2

Do you find it extremely tough to make the choice between Magento and Shopify as the Best Ecommerce platform? Well, you’re not alone in the club. We can see that Magento 2 e-Commerce and Shopify are the two most well-known eCommerce platforms in today’s markets. Even today, the debate between ‘Magento vs Shopify’ continues. Shopify provides every individual with a well-facilitated way to build the best store. You get the opportunity to pay a suitable monthly fee when you are supposed to use it. This platform suits both newbies and high-volume store owners. Magento being an open-source eCommerce platform, which is similar to WordPress, would be 100% free of cost. Being the best e-commerce platform, any average person would find it extremely hard to know about their vision when they know how they have to code.

Shopify vs Magento 2 development comparison

As we all know, Magento 2 and Shopify are found to be both strong. This can depend well on both vision and skills. We can take the liberty of comparing both Shopify and Magento 2 e-Commerce development. This provides high value, ease of use, and high-end features. How well do we know which suits us? The majority of us have to depend on extensive research to get the best out of every platform in the case of eCommerce platforms. We also have the responsibility to test the website before we move on. We have to make the users aware of both the strength and weaknesses of the platform. We also have to share it effectively with the audience. Many online businesses find it extremely challenging to share their work with the team. Nowadays, we have a number of website platforms. Among them, are the two popular e-commerce platforms. As of now, there are plenty of website platforms where the Shopify vs Magento 2 debate finds a popular space. It is quite important that you choose the right e-commerce business. When you look for factors where your eCommerce store might reach success, then there are a lot of factors involved with regard to Shopify vs Magento 2. The well-known fact that your online store can reach the point of success is known to everyone, with the help of Magento 2 and Shopify.

A Brief insight Of Shopify vs Magento 2:

Let’s explore both Magento 2 and Shopify in detail.

How many verticals does Magento 2 possess?

Magento is known to be launched in the year 2007. It is quite famous for its high-end customization, as well as scalability. Magento 2 comes along with 2 special editions: Magento Open Source as well as Magento Commerce.

Magento Open Source: Magento 2 is nothing but a self-hosted platform. It can provide everyone with the function where we can develop extremely unique online features to help you build and develop a unique online store from the ground up.

Magento Commerce: The premium paid edition of Magento is highly recommended for developers and merchants. They are looking extensively for a one-stop solution where they can optimize the store’s website performance and also boost the sales of the store.

How Shopify is equally powerful?

Shopify is a proprietary commercial product that allows business owners to create their online stores without much technical knowledge. There are two available options: Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Shopify: A hosted solution that allows online stores to customize online storefronts, sell products, run, and grow eCommerce businesses.

Shopify Plus: A multi-channel platform that has a higher level of customization, support, and other useful features than Shopify.

Magento 2 vs Shopify: Let’s compare and contrast

Even though many platforms prioritize a wide range of functions and features, it can improve the entire store’s performance as well as boost the entire sales. With every platform, there is no difference. Before we make any comparison between Magento 2 and Shopify, we need to put the objective of the business first.

The capabilities of Magento2, compared to Shopify, are beyond measures

Magento 2 comes along with a wide range of facilities. It goes on to support 5000 add-on extensions. While Shopify consists of only 100 apps with add-ons that can be paid or free, we can note that Shopify Magento 2 vs Shopifydoesn’t have that whole diversity.  This provides Magento 2 with the advantage of being on the front row. Magento also comes along with more high-end features meant for shoppers like gift cards, customer dashboards, wish lists, and order status modules. It has many Templates and Themes. Shopify has many templates and themes consisting of responsive design. The store can also provide the most attractive front-end looks with multilingual capacities. While supporting every user with in-built multiple languages, Shopify does not support any multi-lingual capabilities. Store owners would be responsible to manage everything. Magento rocks as well in features! Magento consists of a paid version. It goes on to get more expensive for every large enterprise. This is suitable for large enterprises depending on thousands of dollars on every website. We need not review any paid version since many startups and SMEs do not have any money. The majority of small businesses would consider the open-source Magento version when there is a developer with more experience. If not, Magento would go well with your website.

SEO opportunities abound

When you have Magento 2, your SEO capabilities are beyond your imagination! You can optimize SEO for both website and app platforms. This is going to help every store site to rank high manner on search engines. This would also attract more traffic.  Magento 2 also supports both free as well as paid SEO extensions. This can let you manage and configure your website’s SEO. This is not like Shopify where you have a strong community. This strategy would help Magento to get ranked as the top-most eCommerce platform. The community of Magento consists of partners, merchants, and developers. Shopify vs Magento 2 for SEOEverybody would be able to help you with Magento 2-related issues. When someone plans to create an online eCommerce store, or when someone wants to migrate their current store to a different platform, then they can consider Magento. On a whole, both Shopify and Magento are the best platforms. To sum it up in a nutshell There are a few fundamental differences in both Magento 2 and Shopify platforms which you should clearly know before you evaluate the two platforms: Shopify is nothing but a commercial product for which you need to pay. Magento 2 open source, on the other hand, is a free platform. Shopify goes on to become a hosted solution with the ability to host the store. Magento 2 would require you to provide your very own hosting, installation, configuration, and setup before you would be able to start creating your own store. This would require medium to high-end programming skills. Shopify offers users a simple UI. Magento 2’s UI is high-end. You need the best Magento 2 eCommerce development company’s support to build the best industry-oriented solutions with respect to the Magento eCommerce development company providing Magento eCommerce development services.

Why Pattem Digital as your Magento 2 eCommerce Development company and Shopify?

Pattem Digital can let you build the best ever solutions in the world in terms of eCommerce. Let’s join hands to build the right one. Need Magento 2 e-commerce Development services? We are just a call away if you want support regarding Magento e-commerce development company in Magento e-commerce development services.

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