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Look at the tech giants of today including Amazon, Google, Facebook, AirBnB, Uber, etc. and you can’t help but notice the disruptive power of digital business in the modern age. To make it big in the digital age, companies need to go beyond setting their brick-and-mortar or websites and work on a five pronged attack. And do it at the speed of light to become successful.

Here are five success factors for organisations to go digital and success in creating a seamless customer experience.

Make the user the center-focus of what you do:

Make the user the center-focus of what you do: Many companies are all about profit even at the cost of repelling their user base. It is where design thinking where you put everything in the perspective of the users comes in handy. When you switch your focus to solve the real world problems for the users by focussing on the benefits that they will derive instead of selling the breakthrough you achieved, you are setting yourself on the road to success.

Create a unified digital and physical experience:

Create a unified digital and physical experience: The digital experiences on offer today need to find the breakthroughs using emerging tech. Think augmented reality, mixed reality, artificial intelligence and other measures. Your customers expect you to be cutting-edge in both your products and your approaches. Remember when IKEA introduced an augmented reality app that let you preview a furniture and how it would look in your house? It was a talk of the town across many countries in the world. Yes, it was that good.

Focus on the data to make a real impact:

Focus on the data to make a real impact: Be data driven in your approach. There are many ways to leverage the power of data. Customers expect personalised experiences and the only way you can offer them such experiences is by leveraging data.  Throw artificial and machine intelligence to the mix and you will know how heavily invested companies are in offering unique experiences to the users.

Become a digital native to disrupt the establishment:

Become a digital native to disrupt the establishment: Even if your company is a global MNC, you need to work like a digital native. Quite often in bigger establishments, various teams do not work in unison and feed off each other’s learnings. Think of your company as a startup with an agile working culture. You need to start small and bring all your stakeholders in one table.

Take a platform approach:

Take a platform approach: So, you have a digital platform. Don’t rest on your laurels. You need to build on the digital platform by analysing data, running experiments, and conducting user testing. This will make the organisation future-ready. This approach lets the organisation quickly adopt to new technologies in the future and harness the power of existing platforms. You can even find new revenue streams using this approach.

Building a technology is not a guaranteed measure of success but it paves the path for the company to achieve its maximum potential. Companies need to test ideas, run experiments and keep innovating for the maximum utility for its users.

We can help you achieve the maximum impact in your digital quest. Write to us at business@pattemdigital.com for an in-depth discussion on how we can help you harness the true power of digital.

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